Monday, June 11, 2012

Dok and Soldado beat Pasadena! - 40k RTT recap. DakkaJets are AWESOME!

Annddd, Were back!!!

After a week at the Beach (Location hidden, to keep people off our spot!)

With that said both Dok and I both played in the RTT at Game Empire in Pasadena on Saturday.

The format was BAO missions, with 1 game of each deployment @ 2000 points.

I think Dok will be recapping his games so I won't steal his thunder, but the short of it is:
Dok takes first place with Grey Knights, Blood Lord Soldado takes 2nd with Orks!!!

I will recap the games I played after the break!

Here is the list I took:

Big Mek w/'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Kustom Force Field, Power Klaw
Ghazghkull Thraka

12 Lootas

11x Gretchin w/Runt Herder, Grabba Stikk

Nobz (Troops)

Battlewagon - Dedicated Transport w/Armour Plating , Boarding Plank, Deff Rolla, Kannon, Red Paint Job
Nob w/Cybork Body, Slugga, Choppa
Nob w/'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Big Choppa
Painboy w/Dok's Tools Cybork Body,Urty' Syringe
Nob w/'Eavy Armour, Big Choppa, Bosspole Cybork Body, Slugga
Nob w/'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Slugga
Nob /'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Slugga
Nob w/'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body , Power Klaw, Slugga, Waagh Banner

18x Shoota Boyz w/Nob, Bosspole , Power Klaw

17x Slugga Boyz w/Nob, Bosspole , Power Klaw

Fast Attack
Dakkajet! w/Additional Twin-Link Supa Shoota, Red Paint Job
Dakkajet! w/Additional Twin-Link Supa Shoota, Red Paint Job
Deffkopta Skwad - 1 with Buzzsaw, both with Twin Linked Rokkits

Heavy Support
Battlewagon w/Armour Plating , Boarding Plank, Deff Rolla, Kannon, Red Paint Job
Battlewagon w/Armour Plating , Boarding Plank, Deff Rolla, Kannon, Red Paint Job

Spearhead Vs Chaos Space Marines.
Playing his first game since the Adepticon Team event, my opponent was a little rusty.

He had:
Lash Prince
2X 10 CSM with 2 Meltas and champions with Fists in Rhinos with Combi-Meltas
3 Terms with Combi Meltas
4 Terms with 2 Combi meltas and heavy flamer
9 Berserkers with Skull Champion with Power Weapon
2 X 3 Oblits
1 Landraider

We roll for turn and I win.

I deploy forward, as battlewagons do, and my jets are behind my wagons ready to chose a direction to support. Koptas outflank.

He deploys opposite behind a very large hill with 1 squad of Oblits out to the left.

Game gets ready to start and he rolls to seize and rolls a 6! Okay, I'll go second.

He moves the landraider and rhino around to my right. He shoots and I make a lot (9 in a row) of KFF saves.

To sum up the game. I spend most of my time moving away from the Landraider until I have everything engaged. Kharn and the berserkers move to engage the lootas, who die like lootas, but the Nobz counter-charge the berserkers and wipe them and Kharn in 1 round. End of turn 5, all he had left was 1 10 man unit that I left a lone.

Massacre for Soldado! At the end of the game we talked it over and he was in an impossible situation when I made all my KFF saves and Flat out saves on my Jets. I also had great luck with his landraider. 1 ram hit penetrated from a deffrolla and it EXPLODES! 250 points dies to 1 hit in the movement phase is a bad situation. Was a fun game though and we both had a good time.

Game 2:
Pitched Battle Vs Eldar.

He had:
2 10 man guardian squads with ML
2 Dire Avenger Squads 1 in a Wave serpent
1 3 man Jetbike squad
1 5 man pathfinder squad
10 howling Banshees
6 Striking Scorpions
3 War Walkers with Scatters
1 Wraithlord
1 Falcon

I deploy centrally and at the 12" mark, Jets supporting and lootas on the close right. He deploys castle into a corner behind a ruin. I outflank the Koptas and he outflanked the Scorpions.

This opponent also seized the initiative... 2 in a row!

So the short of it is. He stayed in the castle and moved forward slowly, I moved to assault and started picking things off as I could. It was a massive close combat war from turn 3 on in his castle corner and in the end I ended up winning on Kill points and Objectives. I kept him in the corner while capping the seize grounds.

Major Victory for the Orks!

Game 3:
Dawn of War vs. Necrons

He had (and I am going to be way off because it was a game of shenanigans)
Zahndrekh and Obyron
Necron Overlord
A plethora of Lords and Crypteks
3 or 4 squads of immortals
5 Wraiths
9 Scarabs
2 Spiders
1 Annihilation Barge
5 man squad of Death Marks

He won the roll to go first and let me go first. This was the only table that had a giant piece of impassable terrain in the middle and I decided to get up on as fast as I could, so I could dictate where the game was.

His whole army came in on Dawn of War reserves castle in the corner.

Here is my beef with this game and my beef with Necrons in general, especially this opponent, who uses a bunch of 1/2 assembled models and things that he intends to look cool.

 I have no idea what is what!!!

I have played this guy a couple times and we started the game very informally and that was my mistake, but me not being able to see which cryptek is where and which model is Obyron compared to an Overlord compared to a Cryptek messed me up. I needed to roll a 4 to assault with Ghaz into Obyron on turn 4 to win the game, rolled a 1, 3, 3 and that pretty much cost me the game. There was a lot of stuff that went wrong, not in terms of tactics, but game play, like is the arm connected to the deffrolla a part of the deffrolla or the vehicle? I am not thrilled with the idea that I have to take my opponents word for that is what, since Crypteks all look exactly the same.

I ended up losing this game We drew Cap & control, Drew seize ground and I lost KP. A minor victory to Necrons!

This should have resulted in my opponent taking the whole deal, but as I said before, soft scores from my opponent were horrible so I was able to get back the difference in points in paint and sports to get back into 2nd.

Dok was able to pull ahead of me by 3 points to take first!

If I would have rolled a 4 on 3D6 I woulda took the whole damn thing, but that's dice for you.

I will write up another post on how my Jet performed, but let me just hint here, they did well and killed more than the Deffkoptas and Lootas.

Let's hope the 6th edition release is a good one and doesn't ruin 40k!

Until then



  1. Im sorry brain(look I made i funny) if you didnt have fun in our game.I knew you were having problems keeping track of the lords but every time you had a question about something I answered it no problems.Remember its the one pointing at you

  2. It's not your fault the Necron models are dumb. I have that issue with every Necron player I face. The idea that WYSIWYG with Necrons is a bunch of dudes with Staffs, that have no defined look to them (Staff of Light, compared to Eldritch Lance, compared to Aeonostave)all of which in a lot of cases look like Warscythes unless I get down and really start looking at things. I never even bothered to ask about the crypteks in your immortal squads because the game was already taking forever and I wanted to try to get to turn 5, which didn't happen anyways. I mean your 2 Eldritch Lances were the farthest back with your Immortals. I had no reason to keep driving my Battlewagons that direction, there was only 1 objective on that side while the 2 were far out of reach of those Lances. I wouldn't have driven them at something that could obviously hurt them but by the time I realized you had them, my Wagon was dead. I also made the mistake of not looking at your list, thus not knowing what you had.

    I wouldn't say I didn't have fun, there was just points when you played things super losely, like when you tossed the lone Cryptek that survived from the assault with Ghaz into the bush, this model I then had to move around not really understanding where it was, but I wasn't trying to make a big deal about so I just moved around the bush all together, I then missed that charge by 0.16 of an inch which ultimately cost me the game. Also not clarifying how the deffrolla was being played was dumb. I should have taken a more serious approach to the whole thing considering we were playing for the top spot, so it's not entirely your fault. It was a matter of circumstance.

    I think the best way to alleviate the visual issues for Necron in general is through paint. Eldritch Lances are blue staffs, Staff of Light is a white staff; so on and so forth. Visual cues are pretty much what I play by and would make playing against ANY Necron more enjoyable. I know it can all be discussed beforehand, but I am not that good at remembering stuff, and plus we ran out of time basically only having had played 3 turns.

    1. I have to admit I have this problem with the Necron model range as well. The BRB says things must be WYSIWYG but the model range doesn't allow for it and every Necron player I have played/seen hasn't made an effort to make sure things are either modeled or painted to delineate what is what.

      This was compounded by the fact that until recently Zandrek and Obyron didn't even have models so everyone had an Obyron that looked like a regular Lord. I should not have to constantly ask my opponent what model is what in their army, when players are forced to do this it is almost second nature/instinctual to feel like you're being screwed over.

      I was actually writing an article for C&C on this very topic earlier today before I even saw this post. Great minds and all.

    2. Also, Deffrollas are dumb. The way they are played is dumb, the way the rules work/are written are dumb. Orks are dumb, and Dakkajets are the new OP cheese.


    3. I am thinking of taking them off my Wagons all together. Not the wargear but the freaking plastic thing.

      If people would just let me play the whole damn thing it would make shit a lot easier. The only way it makes a difference is I get a longer side (better for my opponent) if he / she lets me measure movement from the rolla. If I move 13" from the hull or 13" from the rolla, I am still 26" inches out on turn 2. It would also allow me to deploy my shit right. It's hard to get my Boyz 3 deep like most people do for disembarking from their rhinos when I get forced to occupy that space with a useless piece of plastic that does nothing but waste space. I have already torn them off and drilled them out and mounted them with drywall screws so I can remove them easily, but the fact that I have had to do this is dumb. I like the way they look, I wish people would just let me use them and move on with day.

  3. Either way, thanks guys for effing that up! Buahahahahahahaha

  4. Im hoping they just make it hull and get it over with or make it so you can only deploy/shoot from the crew areas thus fixing the problem

  5. It doesn't fix the problem of having a piece of plastic in the area I will want to deploy my guys though. I have a short term solution, but the whole issue is silly.


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