Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GW july releases aka, those are some expensive books!

The July releases are out and it's a definite confirmation of 6th being released on the 30th. (not that we didn't know that already) There are some interesting things below, if by interesting I mean expensive as hell! $132 for the collector's edition? Hopefully it comes with a gold bar. I know collector's editions are meant to be spendy and special, but that's almost twice the cost of the regular book.

In addition to 6th, we have the very exciting release of... a bunch of Tau stuff? And mega-nobz? Ummm, what? Not exactly what everyone was clamoring for. GW is not exactly awesome at riding the wave of release excitement. Imo, they should've released a codex simultaneously that took advantage of the new rules. As well as had some new models ready to go.

There's also the confirmation of psychic cards... Sucky. Maybe they won't be bad? I'm trying to keep my chin up here, but I really don't need another set of cards to look through while I play 40k. That's why I have a codex.

Also, remember the raffle we are doing! Only a couple more days to get in on the amazon certificate. I picked up the dakkajet this weekend, i would hate for it to go to waste!

Product NameIncludesDatePriceMaterial
Warhammer 40k: Rulebook440pp Hardback Book30-Jun$74.25Book
Warhammer 40k Munitorum Templates3 x Templates30-Jun$19.75Hobby
Warhammer 40k Munitorum Tape MeasureServo Skull Tape Measure30-Jun$16.50Hobby
Warhammer 40k: Psychic Powers32 Cards, Leaflet, Box30-Jun$13.25Hobby
Warhammer 40k Munitorum Dice12 Dice, 6 Dice Holders, Tin28-Jul$16.50Hobby
Warhammer 40k Mun.Battlefield Objectives12 Dice, 6 Dice Holders, Tin28-Jul$16.50Hobby
Warhammer 40k Munitorum Vehicle Markers12 Dice, 6 Dice Holders, Tin28-Jul$16.50Hobby
Orikan the Diviner1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.25Finecast
Anrakyr the Traveller1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.25Finecast
Warhammer 40,000: Gamers' Ed.Rulebook, Dice Set, Satchel30-Jun$123.75Book
Warhammer 40,000: Collectors' Ed.Rulebook30-Jun$132.00Book
Servitors with Multi-melta2 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.50Finecast
Servitors with Plasma Cannon2 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.50Finecast
Broadside Battlesuit Upgrade Pack10 Piece Pack21-Jul$14.75Finecast
Commander Shadowsun1 Fig Box21-Jul$40.00Finecast
Crisis Battlesuit Cmdr. Upgrade Pack9 Piece Pack21-Jul$13.25Finecast
Tau Pathfinders3 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.75Finecast
Tau Kroot Hounds4 Fig Box21-Jul$24.75Finecast
Tau Pathfinders - Rail Rifles3 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.75Finecast
Tau Vespid Stingwings5 Fig Box21-Jul$45.00Finecast
Tau Krootox1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$24.75Finecast
Tau Shield Drone Upgrade Pack8 Piece Set21-Jul$13.25Finecast
Tau XV15 Stealth Armour3 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.75Finecast
Aun'Va, Master of the Undying Spirit3 Fig Box21-Jul$40.00Finecast
Tau XV15 Shas'Ui2 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.75Finecast
Tau Ethereal1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Ork Meganob - Kombi Shoota-Skorcha1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$22.25Finecast
Ork Meganob - Kombi Shoota-Rokkit1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$22.25Finecast
Ork Kommandos5 Fig Box21-Jul$45.00Finecast
Boss Snikrot1 Fig Box21-Jul$22.25Finecast
Ork Flash Git with Targeting Squig1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.25Finecast
Ork Big Gun (Zzap Gun)3 Fig Clampack21-Jul$29.75Finecast
Ork Nob with Waaagh! Banner1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$22.25Finecast
Mad Dok Grotsnik1 Fi Clampack21-Jul$19.25Finecast
Kaptin Badrukk1 Fig Box21-Jul$22.25Finecast
Ork Big Gun (Kannon)3 Fig Clampack21-Jul$29.75Finecast
Thieving Grots6 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.75Finecast
Ork Big Gun (Lobba)3 Fig Clampack21-Jul$29.75Finecast
Vindicare Assassin - Exitus Rifle1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Arco-flagellants3 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.75Finecast
Vindicare Assassin - Exitus Pistol1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Callidus Assassin 11 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Eversor Assassin - Executioner Pistol1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Death Cult Assassins2 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Jokaero Weaponsmith1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$13.25Finecast
Crusaders2 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.50Finecast
Grey Knights Brother Captain1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.25Finecast
Inquisitor - Inferno Pistol & Power Sword1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Inquisitor - Power Sword and Bolt Pistol1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Grey Knight with Psycannon1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.00Finecast
Dark Eldar Razorwing Flock1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$16.50Finecast
Dark Eldar Prisoners2 Piece Clampack21-Jul$13.25Finecast
Dark Eldar Beastmaster1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.25Finecast
Dark Eldar Clawed Fiend1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$24.75Finecast
Drazhar1 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.25Finecast
Dark Eldar Khymerae2 Fig Clampack21-Jul$19.75Finecast

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