Sunday, June 3, 2012

Holy crap, Archangel: legion of everblight gargantuan

123 this is freakin awesome! From this excellent thread on Dakka:

That there is a Dddddrrrragon!
Um, I want to touch
That guy back there may look like me, but he is way more awesome

Wow, I was expecting something along the lines of a huge Angelius and that's pretty much what they came through with. No word on the stats for this guy, but they have the full stat card for the mountain king!

Here's a bunch of other stuff from privateer's lock and load 2012

-New Bog Trog warlock incoming, named Rask
-Bonegrinder Farrow Warlock is named Midas - new piglock. That's cool I guess, but they really seem to need more unit selections.
-“Swamp Shamblers” – Bog Trog zombies
-Lylyth3 will be an Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warlock on a 120mm base – an Ulk-drawn bladed sleigh - neat, a caster battle engine? The preview drawing makes it look a bit like santa, but I'm sure this will be bad ass.
-The Hunters Grim – Warlock Unit, Grim Angus w/ 2 pygs  - I think this is trollbloods from the picture.  A 3 unit caster is pretty interesting as well. I guess that could potentially spread out your control range pretty far, depending on the rules they use
-Makeda3 will be a warlock unit, Makeda with two Exalted Guardians
-New Retribution unit will be infantry with ‘razorblades’; Eiryss3 will be their UA
-Greylord Outriders – Khadoran light cavalry
-Iron Fang Kovnik armed with an axe – precursor to an IF unit with axes?
-Tempest Blazers – Gunmage light cavalry
-Bane Riders – Bane Knight heavy cavalry - I <3 banes. Bane cavalry on heavy undead horses should be bad ass.
-Intimated that there were light cavalry on the way for Protectorate and Mercenaries
-Plastic Tharn kit – large bows made of stag horns, likely same kit will be used to make plastic Ravagers
-Hordes: Gargantuans will be a “catching up” book, returning to multiple releases per book; expected Spring 2013 release - spring 2013 is a long time away. Sad face
-All Gargantuans and Colossals are planned to be released during 2012 - But at least there's that
-Skorne Mammoth = ENORMOUS Titan - ...


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