Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Newest 6th edition rumors

I haven't talked too much about 6th here besides the pancake edition stuff that was out a couple months ago.  The rumors of late have done nothing but make me sad, but there are a few glimmers of hope. Here are a couple of the newest fairly interesting rumors:

From Darnok on Warseer

AP are on ccw but he says power weapons are ap 2, not 3. - I was kind of excited for 6th edition, terminator madness (as the previous rumor had PW at ap3). This doesn't really make any sense to have them as AP2 though. In this case, they are exactly the same in all circumstances currently if the rules stay mostly the same. So what is the point of putting AP on CCWs then?? To make Orks worse? It might open some design space, but if there is not a commonly available ap3 weapon that doesn't kill terminators, then nothing changes. If the most common is ap4, 5, and 6 then it just makes xenos worse in CC and marines about the same. 
When you charge it's double your move, infantry move 6, bikes 8 cav 7 etc. - This is reminiscent of the previous rumor. Making it similar to warmahordes in which you have certain 'move options' that will get you into combat or further away.
It's move assault then shooting now! - This is a rumor from pancake as well. Take with a grain of salt. But it would certainly change the game mechanics. Especially if you can shoot after assault.
Fnp is 5+. Master crafted ccw give you a 5+ invuln save - This is pretty interesting and not something I'd heard before. FNP being a 5+ base is fine. 4+ is a bit much for armies that don't have it available.  The master crafted CCW thing is pretty interesting. That makes GKs ability to purchase MC weapons all over the place pretty awesome. And makes swords with their +1 to invul saves finally worth a damn. 5 points to give my justicar a 4+ in CC is definitely worth it imo. Hopefully they will make this option available to more than just marines though. I would definitely like to see Banshees with this.
When you shoot you roll to hit depending on the speed of your target. Fast vehicles you always need a 6. - Again a similar rule from pancake. One I think would do quite well for the game. And one that would buff Eldar and DE quite a lot.  Maybe this is just a misread from the flyer rules? 
A unit can't claim a object while inside a vehicle. - Is this a mis-type or are there going to be "objects" to claim?
There's new kinds of instance death. If your say strengh 8 vs a space marine captain toughness 4
you only do 2 wounds! Strengh (9?) or more would do 3 wounds & kill him. - This is something I was talking to my friends about months ago. I think this is an excellent move and makes multi-wound t4 models a little more desirable.  Meltas still ID Crowe though :(
In kill point missions you get kill points based on what the units points cost, so for example a
landraider would be worth 5 kill points & a unit of marines 3pts.- Interesting I guess, sounds like victory points to me. But we'll have to see how the other missions play out

6th is right around the corner if the internet is to be believed. What rumors are getting you guys excited??


  1. "I claim this object, of average size and shape with no tactical or strategic value, in the name of the Emperor!"

    1. All objects are of strategic value to the emperor!


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