Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh snap, leaked white dwarf 6th pics

A leaked scan of the white dwarf popped up today and what was inside? Oh snap, a whole lot of stuff...

Oh hai dark angels and chaos!
Oh, so many more pics after the break! Really quick, notice that the pic on the right side of the collectors book is the one from the white dwarf spine.

Fancy templates, fancy dice, and a freakin skull with a freakin tape measure in it
So, space marines get almost all of the psychic powers, but Eldar get 2? Makes sense...

I can't quite make those out, but I think they say "F U Dok"

That's a lot to take in. It looks like there's a mission called eternal War,Space Marines get lots of powers to choose from, and various APs will have various effects on damage chart rolls. Pretty interesting. I'm not really seeing anything that really makes me jump with joy so far. But I will reserve full judgement til I have the book in my hand.


  1. Replies
    1. The tape measure of choice for Samuel L Jackson aficionados everywhere!


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