Thursday, June 28, 2012

Raffle update

Hey everyone, I just wanted to shoot out a quick reminder about the raffle we have going on! I desperately want to give some stuff away, so follow our site! You could be the lucky winner of such things as:

This picture of me as a baby!
My beard is stealing your soul

This die that is the most random die you will ever see!
Your armor saves will never fail again! (or pass)

A beer!
Beers only redeemable in person!
Really though, I just want to remind everyone that are going to raffle off a $20.00 gift card from Also, I will totally buy you a beer if I run into you somewhere!

All you have to do is follow the blog publicly if you don't already and send us an email saying "Contest Entry" in the title or comment on this entry, stating you want to enter. 1 entry per person. Also, as thank you for entering and reading, we mail you a 3forint sticker if you include a mailing address in your entry email. (While supplies last!!)

Do it!

We will do the raffle when we get up to 50 followers. If we get to 100 followers by the end of the month (July) we will also raffle off a Ork Bommer Kit!

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