Friday, June 22, 2012

Some sneak peek gargantuan info

Wargamescon is this weekend and privateer press is there giving away leet beta infos!

Check out a sneak peek of a couple abilities from the upcoming gargantuans

Skorne Mammoth's Cannon
Rng:10     Rate of Fire: 3     AOE:4     POW:15

That's a big gun... That'll be blasting holes in that ass in no time!
Legion Archangel's Bite Melee Attack
P+S: 19, has the Consume ability
Bite of 19 is pretty ok. Hopefully it has more than this though. Of course it has consume though, dragons be hungry!
Model also has the Ride-by-attack
That's kinda cool. Depends on how fast this big dude is though!
Circle WoldWrath's Animus
Druid's Wrath
Cost:2     Range: Self
Friendly faction model's magic attack rolls against enemy models within 10" of this model are boosted.
That's a pretty beefy buff for spellcasters. 

Hopefully there will be more as the weekend progresses, stay tuned!

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