Friday, June 22, 2012

THIS IS SPARTA! New Forgeworld heavy Transport

In the newest email from Forge World we have preview images of the Spartan Assault Tank.

I was expecting a beard too...
For those of you that don't want to click the link and read the jargon. It's a transport for 25 marines, 2X Quad Lascannons, TL Heavy Bolters and is faster than any other vehicle because it's got a V6 inline with titanium valve springs.

Its pretty bad ass, and they say its much larger than a landraider, which seems odd, considering it looks like it has land raider tracks, but whatev's. Can finally fit 20 Khorne Berserkers + Kharn + Chaos Lord with MoS and Lightning Claws all in 1 vehicle! Chaos Space Marine Deathstar HOOO!!!!!

It is £95.00 though. Damn.. thats like $148.15! Damn! 

Here is a link to the experimental rules from Forgeworld

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