Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why DakkaJets are good.

Have you all heard the news? Dakkajets and the other Ork planes are horrible!!!

AV10 dies too fast!

Str 6 isn't enough!

Lootas are better!

All of these things are incorrect and I am here to dispel the myths about the DakkaJets.

Its like this, but red!

Put your set backs in their upright and locked positions, this one is going to get bumpy!!!

So what makes Dakkajets effective?

Mobility, Rate of Fire, and their ability to survive.

These three things allow the Dakkajet to outshine a lot of other fire bases and make them a very strong addition to any Ork army.

Let go over each one and discuss them:


All the Jets are Fast, Skimmers, and Super Sonic and all have Arial Assault. This means we can move up to 12" and fire all of our guns. All the Bommer configurations are also able to take the LEGENDARY ork vehicle upgrade, Red Paint Job. This allows the jets to move 13" but count as moving 12" in regards to penalties. I am not going to go into the reasoning why, as I have already debated and concluded that this allows all the Bommers to take a flat out cover save and still fire. Here is that thread on DakkaDakka. It is hotly contested on the forums, but Disdainful (Local TO) at Game Empire in Pasadena CA, and Reecius that runs Frontline Gaming and hosts 4 Cali GTs a year both have ruled that Jets do get the cover save. Sooo, fuck what anyone else says, the TO is always right! Sorry, I got side tracked. So it is able to move 13" and shoot all 3of its Supa-Shootas. This allows us to get some good angles on side and possibly rear armor later in the game. The range of the guns + speeds of the jets makes this a potent combination that allows Ork players to zone out another portion of the table. Opponents are already trying to play along the bubble of your charge range, be it 27 inches on battlewagons or 18 inches on Kan Wall. These Jets help to further collapse the safe area that opponents can hide. This is similar to how outflanking War Walker work and how Wolf Scouts are effective.

Rate of Fire:

This is where the Dakkajet excel over the other 2 Bommers. Competitive 40k requires redundancy. Redundancy is what keeps our game from falling apart with a few bad dice rolls. The Skorcha-Bommer and the Blitza-Bommer but lack the rate of fire that is required to be a good shooting unit, instead relying on thier bomb gimmiks which seem like they are prone to failure. What make the Dakkajet a reliable gunship is Fighta-Ace and Strafing Run (which raise you to BS 3) and a volume of S6 shots. The Dakkajet sports 3 Twin-Linked Supa-Shootas, which are Assault 3, giving you 9 shots with an average of 7 hits on a given turn. During your Waagh! turn, the Dakkajet gets to shoot double, so 18 shots with an average of 14 hits!!!
14 Str 6 shots on the turn you will be charging is amazing! Couple with the mobility we mentioned before, we are looking at 14 hits on sides of transports.  11s for Rhino hulls and 10s for Chimera / Vemon / Raider / Trukk / No idea about Tau stuff... so let's math-hammer that out.

Shots Hits   AV 10 Results  AV 11 Results
3 2 1 0
6 5 2 1
9 7 3 1
18 14 7 2

This table above shows regular Skocha and Blitza Bommers damage output at rage with 3 Shots compared to the Dakkajet's 9 shots. On Average the Dakkajet out performs the other 2 Jets at long range shooting vs. tanks by 150%. The number highlighted in green show effectiveness on the Waagh! turn. As you can see here. The Dakkajet absolutely pounds on AV10 and is fairly efficient vs. AV11. With the current tables it is possible to use the Jets to "Stun Lock" Razorbacks in lanes or demolish non-Marine transports and still be a viable option for good anti-infantry fire.

Ability to Survive:

Lets look at the base stats of the Bommers. AV10 all around. Fast, Skimmer, Supersonic. AV10 is pretty low, leaving us vulnerable to small arms fire, but we are fast and we are skimmers. We can dodge other Deff Rollas. None of the Bommers are open topped, which is a first in the Codex, and we should / will always have that 4+ Flat out save. What we also have in our favor is being secondary targets. Noone wants to focus a lot of fire on Dakkajets when 3-4 Battlewagons are rolling at you. Being a marginal threat, that is more than 5 lootas, but less than Scouted/Outflanking Koptas, 15 Lootas, Kans, Wagons, Trukks means they are less likely to even take fire period. We should be out of Bolter range at all times, and we should be safe from Lascannons as long as our main force is still alive, but if that's dead, then any of the Bommers won't save the day.

With those 3 items covered you can see how the Dakkajets can be effective. I have a few games with them played and it does translate well to the table top.

This is my current list with 2 Dakkajets at 2000 points


Big Mek
'Eavy Armour, Kustom Force Field, Power Klaw, Cybork Body

Ghazghkull Thraka 

15 Lootas


10x Gretchin
Runt Herder
Grabba Stikk

Nobz (Troops)

Battlewagon - Dedicated Transport
Armour Plating , Boarding Plank, Deff Rolla, Kannon, Red Paint Job

Dok's Tools Cybork Body,Urty' Syringe, Stikbombs, Grot Orderly

'Eavy Armour, Big Choppa, Bosspole Cybork Body, Slugga, Stikbombs

'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Slugga, Stikbombs  

'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body, Power Klaw, Slugga, Stikbombs  

'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body , Power Klaw, Slugga, Waagh Banner, Stikbombs  

'Eavy Armour, Big Choppa, Cybork Body, Slugga, Stikbombs   

Ork Boyz 
18x Boy
Bosspole , Power Klaw

Ork Boyz 
17x Boy
Bosspole , Power Klaw

Fast Attack 

Additional Twin-Linked Supa Shoota, Red Paint Job, Fighta-Ace

Additional Twin-Linked Supa Shoota, Red Paint Job, Fighta-Ace

Buzzsaw, Twin-linked Rokkits
Heavy Support

Armour Plating , Boarding Plank, Deff Rolla, Kannon, Red Paint Job

Armour Plating , Boarding Plank, Deff Rolla, Kannon, Red Paint Job 

At last Weekends RTT.  I went Massacre, Major, Minor Loss to take 2nd place.

In game 1 the Dakkajets killed a Rhino and a 3 man Oblit Squad.

Game 2 they killed a Dire Avenger Squad and a contesting Guardian Jet Bike Squad

Game 3 The killed 4/5 Wraiths. 1 died early to the scarab farm :(

So far I am very impressed with how they function and how I am able to use all the strengths of these jets to keep them alive and in the damage zone, where I can lay down A LOT of fire and make it out a live.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and if you are in the So Cal area I will gladly demonstrate how awesome the Dakkajets are on the table top.


  1. I think they serve a similar purpose as war walkers. Light vehicle harassment and forcing armor saves on dudes. I'm just not sold on that being something that an Ork army needs.

    You should try a super shooty ork army with full 3 squads of lootas, 3 dakkajets, and 2 shokk attack guns. Then wagons with 4 rokkits and a Kannon! Supa Ork shootas!

  2. Ive ran them, they have their place, but the av does hurt them....a LOT. dakka preds, autocannon dreads, etc. and you only need to fail one save to neuter them. my last match today mine amazingly survived 2 turns of penatrating hits (only because he kept scoring weapon destroyed results instead.)

    it has its place, true. but dont give it amazing kudos it doesnt deserve. for one you get to enjoy that 13" cover save for only a few more weeks (end of july at best) so for me its good for just one tournament. IMO its really a cheap alternative to warbikes. against armor its terrible, and against monsterous creatures its fair (your hitting on 4s vs tryanid MCs) but its still something you put in for what it does, it wont be the nail in the coffin by any means.

    that said, I run one (fully upgraded of course) and 2 deffcopta squads with a buzzsaw in each. despite the hate for them, I kill a tank first turn if I have initiative guaranteed. otherwise they clear the sides with outflanking maneuvers and still always pay for themselves. Dakkajets are still hit and miss on doing much more than harassment or drawing fire. (success rarely makes back point costs)

    All in all its a fast vehicle with low armor, redundant in its combat prowess, but its still a good handy tool in your list building toolbox and I would still suggest it's place when handled right.

    the other two IMO are completely useless until the new rules somehow make them better.


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