Tuesday, July 3, 2012

6th Ed Eldar FAQ review

The new FAQs came out this weekend and I wanted to go over some of the more interesting items from the Eldar and Dark Eldar FAQs.  As we know, The light side Kin will have some interesting adjustments to make, so having the FAQ kind of fills in the full picture.

The only really disappointing thing is that they didn't make any effort to clarify anything other than psykers for the most part. They didn't really make any adjustments to what the various weapons do. (Besides nerfing the witchblade) Which is a missed opportunity imo. Without further ado, let's talk about some FAQs!

Eldar Psykers

Farseer's are ML1 - No specific mention of whether having spirit stones makes a Farseer ML2 or not. They do get to specifically trade in a power for every power they buy though. So Eldar get to pay at least 20 points per power. Grey Knights pay 5! Awesome! 
Warlocks and Shadow Seers are ML0- This is too bad. Being able to trade in warlock powers for the new powers would have made warlocks interesting. Another missed opportunity imo. Hopefully in the next codex the Race of Psykers will be able to field a similar number of psykers to Grey Knights or even Tyranids!
Veil of Tears grants Stealth and shrouding - This is a direct nerf. Having a 4+ cover save in the open is cool and all but not getting shot from over 24" is way cooler.  You will have problems against flamers and high rate of fire. The cool thing is that you will have 2+ cover if you are touching any terrain at all. With re-rollable fortune saves potentially. This will make them incredibly difficult to dislodge and rending gives them a chance to still stand toe to toe with terminators.

Eldrad - Wherever you go, Eldrad is there. He's the american express of space elves.

He may generate four powers from the Divination or Telepathy school - If you got to choose the powers, this would be somewhat worthwhile. Since you have to roll on the retarded tables, this is terrible. You have a chance to get some excellent powers. But you also have an equal chance of getting some useless powers. You can get guide regardless, since almost everyone can get that. But the tables are too unreliable to base a strategy on, whereas the powers Eldrad comes with are reliable and have stood the 15+  year test of time.
Divination defined to occur before scout moves are made - This is cool as it was never really clear when this was supposed to happen. I would have liked if they clarified one way or the other if you could move your fortifications. I'm going to play as you can until I hear otherwise. It is a unit and divination lets you redeploy units.
Mastery Level 3 - This is most likely to keep in line with his current ruleset, and is kind of a buff since now you will be able to use 3 powers whether you are in combat or not. Buuuttt, I would've liked to see him be made ML4. Eldrad is supposedly the bossest of boss psykers and that should be represented on his statline.

The Avatar

Now has the Daemon Special rule - The avatar causes fear now? Sweet! WS10 still hits WS1 on 3's? Wtf... I think this is another place that they dropped the ball. I'm sure they want to keep those tables simple for speed of play, but they could've easily adjusted the table to make more sense. It's not like there are that many WS 10 models you have to keep this in mind for. 

And then, a bit about...
Dark Eldar

The Webway Portal lists took a big enough nerf to not be usable anymore. Sorry to the three guys out there who were trying to make this work.   You now cannot assault from reserves (FAQ'ed specifically to deny WWP) in 6th. Which not only denies this strategy, but several others.
Allies can't use the WWP. This is just another nail in the coffin. You could potentially bring shooty units through, but not so much.
However, ongoing reserve units can come in through. So you can bring your jets in from the portal... But you can't assault from it? What's happening here?

I guess this is just part of their strategy to deny reserve armies? I don't know. All I know is that forcing some armies on the table (hmm, Dark Eldar?) if they have to go second is just going to cause auto-loss situations in some match-ups.  Sorry to all the DE players out there, but it seems like you are being hit hard  by 6 ed.


  1. So Eldar do kind of have a advantage when it comes to generating new powers. For eldar it's based on how many you bought, so you could generate 5. Grey Knight book nerds are limited to their Mastery level so they generate 3 max, and they are disallowed form purchasing any if they intend to generate. I think as it is eldar can buy their powers and before the game starts choose to keep them or generate.

    As for Space clowns it is a sad nerf with a weird bonus, but oddly enough they screwed up whatever they where trying to do. Check which sentances actually get changed counting from the start of the rules for "Veil". I dont think they intended for harliquins to have both but GW cant do math so.....

    1. You could generate 5, but that would cost you almost 200 points. And you'd only be able to cast one until you spent another 20 points. That's cool though. It'll prolly end up being around the same points cost between the two.

      Yeah, I don't know if that makes the shadow seer even worth the points. The death Jester might be worth the points now, but I could be wrong. It gives you a bit more punch since you can't fleet for extra movement anymore.

  2. Wouldn't the Stealth and Shrouded only give a maximum cover save of 4+ in the open?

    1. You're right. Early morning math is not my strong point!

  3. Any item that adds to the item amount of powers you can use, also adds to your ML, this is confirmed in the FAQ entry for Eldrad where it say that his ML of 3 is counting Spirit Stones.

    So Farseers are at least ML 2 and generates 2 Warp Charges.

    1. That's inferred, but there's not a specific entry relating to it. I don't disagree, I just don't like how incomplete all the FAQs are


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