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6th Edition 40k Battle Repot: Orks vs GK Round 4!!!!

So with the dawning of the new era in 40k, Dok and I decided to battle each other once again under the new rules.

This game is very early into the new edition, so it will be full of mistakes. Most of them made by me!

Without further hesitation, here are the 1500 point lists!

Waaagh! Soldado:

Warboss Gutstompa with Mega Armor, Bosspole and Yub, his attack squig
Weird Boy Drokka

8 lootas - Da' Gatlin Squad
12 Burnas - The toastas!

17 Slugga Boyz with Nob Buzkrak armed with a Power Klaw and carrying a Bosspole
18 Shoota Boyz with Nob Gutbust armed with a Power Klaw and carrying a Bosspole
10 Grots with Herder Rup in the corner

2 Dakkajets with Fighta Ace and Xtra Supa Shootas
Rust-bukkit and Zap-Dakka
3 Battlewagons with Deff Rolla, RPJ and a Kannon.
Grimtoof, Da Smasha, and Bug-Zappa

Dok's Elite Strike Force

Grey Knight Grand Master with Blind Grenades  Empyrean Brain Mines, Incinerator, Mastery Level 1, Nemesis Force Sword, Rad Grenades 

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Power Armour , Rad Grenades 

8 Purifiers
 2x Psycannon , 5x Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force Halberds
Knight of the Flame
Nemesis Force Halberd, Storm Bolter

Grey Knight Strike Squad
Psybolt Ammunition, 2x Psycannon, 7x Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force Sword
Nemesis Force Daemonhammer, Storm Bolter

Grey Knight Strike Squad
Psybolt Ammunition, 2x Psycannon, 7x Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force Sword
Nemesis Force Daemonhammer, Storm Bolter

Fast Attack
Grey Knight Interceptor Squad
Incinerator, 3x Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force Sword 
Nemesis Force Daemonhammer, Storm Bolter

Heavy Support
Nemesis Dreadknight
Heavy Incinerator, Two Nemesis Doomfists

Nemesis Dreadknight
Heavy Incinerator, Two Nemesis Doomfists

All the gory details after the break!!!

The table before we hit it.
Here is the terrain and deployment for me!
3 Wagons with dudes and Lootas in ruins

We decide to play with all of the non-sensical stuff in the book so we rolled for missions. It was "Big Guns Never Tire" with Dawn of War Deployment.

We roll for Warlord traits, I get -1 to his reserve rolls, he gets to re-rolls to hit while near an objective... bullshit ass table...

He rolls his spell, but it sucks, so he takes guide.

I win the roll to go first and place my dudes as you see in the pic. Dok deploys straight across for me. He rolls to Seize, and he Fails.

I roll for night fighting and its Dark!

Turn 1: 

I move my wagons straight at him. Lootas take a few shots to no effect. Kannons fire on his guys deployed in the ruins but they do nothing.

Dok moves forward, shoots a few wagons for no effect.
He shunts the interceptors up next to the ruins where Da Gatlin' Sqaud is and annihilates them with fire and storm bolter fire. They do take a casualty to dangerous terrain, but he does get first blood.

Turn 2:
I make all of my reserve rolls and Zap-Dakka comes in on my right with Rust-bukkit on the left. Grots come in in the corner...

Grots hide safely in the corner.
Wagons advance to mid field and drop out the boyz.

Dakkajets shoot at the Purifiers in the ruins and the Strike squad on the left side. A few dudes die from each squad.

Drokka rolls to see which weirdboy power his crazy head is capable of and ZOINK! He explodes a little, wounding himself and killing 3 boyz, (This is going well)

In the assault phase, Da' Toastas and the Choppa Boyz, along with Gutstompa and Drokka.

I make all my rolls and get in with the 2 Dreadknights.

I swing with all my dudes, and ultimately end up putting a couple wounds on each of them, but I lose Drokka and Nob Buzkrak because I forgot to 'Look out Sir' when the dreadknights hit. DOH!


Interceptors move to my rear... I'm about to get buttfuckerd!

Most of Dok's stuff is engaged. The 2nd unit in the ruins where Warboss Gutstompa and Da' Toastas have engaged the Dreadknight move to join the assault. The Purifiers in the mountain to the bottom right also move down to join the few Boyz that are left in assault with the 2nd Dreadknight.

They all charge in, I kill a couple GK's and with the pile in rules I manage to kill off the people that are closest to the Purifiers at the Dreadknights initiative, putting the Purifiers out of mellee range for their step!
The last 3 boys manage to take down the Dreadknight as well, but I am forced to fall back. Fortunately, the Grandmaster is in Terminator Armor, so they can't sweep me! +1 Vp for Soldado. His Justicar challenges Warboss  Gutbusta and they kill each other. +1 Vp for Dok. 

He also shoots and assaults Da Smasha, and it dies to Hull Points... +1 Vp for Dok.

Kill the ones closest to the other squad? Got it!

Turn 3:

Dakkajets move to get shots on the units in the open.
Zap Blasta says, FUCK YOU GREY KNIGHTS!!!! WAAAGH!!!
Da' Rust-Bukkit shoots at the Strike Squad in the ruins and does a number to them, but they pass morale and pinning.

Assault see the 2nd Dreadknight die and the Shootas consolidate back towards their ride.
Dok shoots the shit out of me.
He Guides the strike Squad near the top objective and opens fire on Da Rust-Bukkit, scoring 6 hits.
He takes evasive maneuvers and makes 6/7 jink saves.
He wrecks Grimtoof and Da Bug Smasha in shooting, and I lose a lot of Boyz.

At this point, we have been playing for nearly 3 hours and I am down to a few Boyz and my 2 Jets, while Dok has only lost his 2 Dreadknights and the Interceptors. We call the game with a very dominating Victory going to the GK.

A few notes:

Still Pretty Rusty... We played a lot of 5th so we are still learning a lot.
Hull points hurt BW's quite a bit. I am going to give it a couple more tries, but man, they die like nothing.
Challenges are silly.
All our random objectives were the double gravity things, which had no bearing on the game...
Fuck GKs!
I didn't realize the Dreadknight was 2+ unit I had commited. It was an error in play putting my Burnas on it, Burnas need more testing.

Unit of the Game for me was: Shoota Boyz!!(SPOILER!) Shooting is good in 6th!! 

I think Dok will add in his VIP unit, but it was probably the Interceptors, Killed my Lootas and a Wagon. Pretty solid performance from a 5 man squad.

Another game under the belt, and a lot more to go.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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