Friday, July 6, 2012

6th Edition forgeworld FAQs are up

For those of us that like to play with the more expensive toys, we have the FAQ for the Forgeworld models listing their vehicles hull points.

Here is a link

Most things are as expected but here are a few standouts:

Blight Drone is a flyer!
Plague Hulk is 4 Hull Points.
Dark Eldar Tantalus is a Flyer with 4 HP!
Eldar Firestorn is Skyfire and Interceptor
Storm Eagle is 4 HP and Flyer
Hell Talon is a 4HP Flyer
Dreadclaw is a Flyer?

Most of the stuff is as expected, Dreads are 3 HP, Landraider variants are 4 HP

Super Heavies got a new damage table, as expected as well as updated rules to bring them in line with the New Edition

Blood for the Blood God!

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