Friday, July 13, 2012

6th Edition, I'm calling shenanigans

I have been super busy at work, so I haven't had much time for gaming. This is unfortunate as I really want to give 6th a chance and I really want to play more warmahordes!

So Far, I have managed to play about 7 games of 6th. Most of them at low points, so I'm not sure how accurate my data is, but I'm calling shenanigans! I wanna talk about some of the stuff that is blatantly broken and will definitely be taken advantage of if the game manages to make it to tournaments in an unmodified state.


Flyers - Flyers are extremely powerful. A lot of armies are going to have trouble dealing with them effectively. You think your one aegis defense line is going to stop three Vendettas?

You're full of shit in your head.

Even if you can dedicate something to manning the line, str7 isn't going to do much against AV12. And even more not much against the 3+ of them that most guard players play. What I find most ridiculous about this is that the game takes place in the 41st millennium. Did every army really not have a way to shoot down a plane laying around in the armoury somewhere? Really? Dark Eldar and Eldar who's whole armies are basically flying don't know how to shoot a plane?

Speaking of which, planes that move 18" are super hard to hit and can't be assaulted due to how fast and high they move. But... When an Eldar jetbike moves 48" in a turn, they are no harder to shoot or assault... 

Flying MCs - These have all the problems that flyers have but are a little more vulnerable. Unless you are playing against Daemons... The Tzeentch flying circus with 5 FMCs is going to be a tough army to deal with. They can basically put bolts of change and breath of chaos anywhere they want on the table. They also move slightly slower, which makes them much more maneuverable on the table.

Also, swooping 24" and being able to shoot a flamer from the sky is ridiculous. They can't be hit by flamers, and they can move super fast so they are hard to hit, but at the same time they can precisely place a flamer template. Fuckin GW...

Units of characters -  This is going to be the bane of time in tournaments. If you don't know, they added a rule called "Look out, sir!" to the game which lets a scrub take a hit for a character model. For some reason, GW didn't prevent characters from making this "look out, sir!" roll. So units of characters can all jump in front of each other and take wounds. The "solution" to wound allocation is just wound allocation that takes longer. Paladins and Nobs, the biggest offenders of the previous wound allocation are of course units of characters... Son of a bitch.

Challenges - Challenges seem kind of silly in the future of combat, but so is hand to hand I guess. The crappy part of challenges is that if your power fist Sargent or Nob comes up against someone who can swing at initiative, then they either have to refuse or risk dying before they swing! I was playing a game the other night and my Wraithlord (who is also a character btw) got into combat with some Orks. Orks can't hurt a Wraithlord without their Nob, so I challenged him.

He had to refuse or die.

So basically I tied up that unit, killing off a couple Orks a turn until either he could get another squad in there or I killed all the Orks.  That's not a favorable situation for him. It tied up one of his scoring units, and a fair number of points because I could single his character out.

Cinematic - I'm super tired of hearing how Cinematic everything feels. It's like all the blogs and podcasts out there latched onto that tagline and can't say anything else about 6th. A cinematic feeling inspires in me, a grand moving plot. Featuring cleverness and wit. (And boobs) I don't see cleverness in this rulebook. I see a company that wants their game played a certain way and eff what anyone else wants.

I'm sure there are a set of people who hate tournaments and want the game to be random and want their character to be able to solo a whole army. That's cool if you do. I'm just not that into it. Maybe this will have to be another edition to skip like 4th. It seems GW drained all the flavor in 4th and now they are overloading on it.

What do you guys think about 6th a couple weeks in?



  1. 6th edition is definitely not for you then. I am personally loving it.

    1. Fair enough. Everything is not for everyone.

  2. I am five games in so far and I like it. I am going to wait until after Golden Throne to make a full assessment, but I feel it flows better.

    Obviously these issues are a pain, but they will work themselves out in the same way that things shifted to deal with razorspam and nob bikers.

    1. You will most likely see a lot of Nob Bikers up there! (speak of the devil) And also a lot of flying circus most likely. There just aren't enough downsides to flying stuff.

    2. I think you are mistaken on every count with the exception of flyers, and that only provisionally. I've been a pretty serious tourney gamer for a while, and I am always hopeful for balance and playability at tournaments. I think 6th will ultimately fit the bill, though there will be changes made just like their always have been.

      Flying Monstrous Creatures are incredibly vulnerable to Flyers, and Flyers are nearly invulnerable to FMC (FMC do not get Skyfire). Currently, Flyers are really ONLY vulnerable to other flyers or masses of Strength 7+ Twin Linked firepower (Rifledreads, Assault Cannon Psybacks, etc.). Grey Knights really have the best non-flyer based anti-flyer tools out there at the moment.

      But the Flyer issue is such an OBVIOUS and blatantly unbalancing issue that I can't forsee that there won't be changes made. I know that there is a round two FAQ in the works by the end of the summer. Here's hoping that it brings some changes.

      Regarding LOS... I think this is the way GW intends it. Units of Characters are meant to be difficult to kill. A unit of Paladins led by Draigo is nigh unkillable from the front. But oh wait, if I shoot them from the sides they die. Interesting.

      Maneuver and positioning will be very important, even moreso than last edition.

    3. You are welcome to your opinion of course, but I stand by my position. FMCs are no more vulnerable to flyers than anything else and they don't pay any premium in points to have this ability. I'm mostly talking about Daemons here which all have invuln saves. Also, FMCs can sweep attack flyers and easily take them out of the air if they get within their threat range.

      I think that GW will let it ride until they release more codexes and flyer rules for other codexes.

      If you shoot them from the side, you might cause a few more unsaved wounds, but they still can wound allocate on a 4+. Maneuvering will be pretty important, but only if you have something that will go through their 2+ save at range. So hopefully you have a lot of lascannons or you are getting too close to a brick of paladins.

  3. My feelings on 6th so far (I'm also 7 games in) is very up and down. It seems that there are aspects of the game that I really like and aspects that I really don't like.

    It's gonna take some time to get used to.

    1. For sure. I think it will make an excellent "hang out and play" game. Just like second did. We had a loose grasp on the rules and just moved our guys around and played till we got bored. I don't think it's going to make it through a year of tournaments without some serious changes. And that's unfortunate because you won't be able to play the same game anywhere. It's gonna be a bunch of househammer in every tournament.

  4. So, by allowing Wraithlords to issue challenges GW finally made them worth taking? horrible.

    1. Wraithlords have always been worth taking imo. But the situation above makes for a really lopsided and unfun situation for the opponent. Maybe in a tournament that's what I want to do, but in a learning game, it makes it not all that awesome for the Ork player.


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