Monday, July 2, 2012

First Game of 6th Chaos Space Marines with Demon allies.

So I went down to get my my 6th edition rulebook on Saturday and play a couple games.

I make my way, 50 miles, passed 2 GW stores, passed 3 other places that sell 40k stuff, and I get to my "Local" store to find out that they are sold out... bummmmmer!!!!

Oh well.

I was sort of on the edge of cutting my losses and going home at that point. It was already a struggle to get a pass from the Mrs. and I really had nothing to gain at the store than some play time.

I start asking around if anyone wants a game, and I come upon the dude that runs the 40k tournaments there. He is up for it. I offer to lend him my 2 Dakkajets to get to test out the flyers more extensively they just using the 1 that he had. He happily agree'd to use them and with that, took his list to 2k.

I wrote up my list and it looked something like this:

Demon Prince of Slaanesh with wings and Lash of Submission
Kharn the Betrayer

Allied HQ:

5 Chosen in a Rhino with 4x Meltagun and an Icon of Chaos Glory

Allied Elites:
2 Fiends of Slaanesh - Unholy Might.

9 Khorne Berserkers with a Skull Champion with Power fist and an Icon in a Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines, with Icon of Chaos Glory, Meltagun and  Missile Launcher in a Rhino

Allied Troops:
5 Plaguebearers
5 Horros with Bolt of Tzeentch


Heavy Support:
Defiler with Reaper Autocannon and 3rd CC weapon.
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators

Allied Heavy Support:
Demon Prince of Khorne with Flight and Iron Hide.

His list was something like.

Warboss with Klaw and Squig with Cybork
KFF Mek with Burna

8 Lootas
8 Lootas


2 groups of 20+ boys with Nob with Bosspole + Klaw

Nobs with Battlewagon

Big Blob of grots


Heavy Support:
Killa Kans (He never put them in play though, silly man)

I will do a turn by turn after the break!

So we roll for mission and deployment, its Kill points with Long Table deployment. ( I don't know what these are called, because I don't have a book :(  )

We roll up Warlord traits, he gets the +1 VP for killing people in challenges, I get the Re-Roll reserves one.

This is a very weird pre-game effect, I can see this aspect the game being removed for tournament play. Random charts that can have dramatic changes to the way you play is not good.

I will refer to my opponent as TO from here on out...

TO gets to deploy first and wins the first turn.

His Wagon with his Nobs goes forward right, His lootas have 2 sets of Ruins in the center but staggered back so he puts 1 in each set.

Big blobs of boyz go on my right one in front of the other.

I deploy 1 units of oblits to the left in ruins, and I deploy the other far right out in the open. (2+ ftw)
My Demon Prince of Slaneesh hides behind my 2  Rhinos and Defiler, which I deploy on my center right. Khorne Beserkers with Kharn closest to the center.

I set my waves for my Demons and roll to Seize............ and fail

Top of Turn 1:
Orks move up.
Front lootas kill the CSM Rhino. More lootas kill more of the exposed CSM

Premeasuring is a huge advantage for Orks here. He knows how far he can go with his Battlewagon before getting into threat range of my Demon Prince of Slaneesh.

Bottom of Turn 1:
My CSM move up
Berserkers Rhino move to get into position on the advancing Wagon. They have to disembark to be ready so they stand in some woods.
Oblits on the right move up 6.

Demon Prince of Slaneesh attempts to Lash the front lootas out of the ruins but they Deny the Witch. :( (This will be the recurring Story of the game. I cannot express here in words well enough how hot his dice were. UNBELIEVABLE to the point where we took a 3 minute break in laughter how many 6's he was rolling!)  4 oblits shoot the Wagons. 2 Glances, 1 KFF save. I snapfire the missile launcher and miss. I move defiler 3 inches into a crater and fire the Battle Kannon, it kills a few boyz and glances the side of the Battlewagon, but he KFF's that as well.

Top of 2:
2 Dakkajets come in. Battlewagon rolls up, shits out the the Nobz, 20 Orks advance on the oblits on the right.

Dakkajets light up the exposed CSM, and put shots on the Berserker's rhino, getting a glance and killing the Bolters. The Nobz charge my Berserkers + Kharn. His Warboss Challenges Kharn and they kill each other. A few Berserkers die, a couple Nobz die.

Bottom of 2:
I get my non-preferred wave so Plaugebearers land in the ruins under the oblits with use of the icon. Fiends land off in the distance hoping to kill something next turn. Not having them on turn 1 is lame.

Chosen also arrive, the outflank to the left side.

Defiler moves over and preps to charge. Trying to get out of the heat, the Berserker Rhino immobilizes itself on the crater. The Demon Prince of Slaneesh moves over the trees on the right.

Chosen Snap-Fire 2 Meltas from their Rhino and miss (Don't ask me why I didn't get out and shoot 4..)

Lascannons fire from the left side Oblits and kill the Battlewagons. The Demon Prince of Slaneesh Lashes the 20 Boyz forward into a big teardropped shape infront of the right side Oblits, who promtly flamer the shit out of them, but they pass morale...

Defiler charges the Nobz kill some, Berserkers die to the Nobz and I fail the charge from the Oblits to the Ork Boyz. 

Top of 3:

Dakkajet 3 arrives, Grots continue to hide like Grots!!

Dakkajets move min distances.

20 orks in the back advance on the Fiends.

Big Mek joins the Boyz that got flamed.

Dakkajet and Boyz kill the 2 Fiends where they landed.

Lootas kill the CSM squad down to just the Missile Launcher, who passes morale like a boss!

The Boyz assault into the oblits, who snap fire their flamers. FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!

The Defiler kills the final Klaw in the Nobz squad, so TO elects to fail his morale and falls back, and the Defiler sweeps them and consolidates.

Bottom of 3:

All my Demons come in!

Demon Prince of Khorne takes to the air,

Skulltakers lands right behind the ruins with the Lootas that were farthest away.

Horrors land in the middle of the Lootas.

Demon Prince of Slaneesh lashes the lootas into a circle in front of the Defiler, who misses his Battle Cannon.
(I forgot about pinning from Lash and Battlecannons, as well as Fear from the Oblits, Defiler, and all my Demons.... I suck at 6th...)

I shoot what I can at the Dakkajets that are flying all over, but only do like 1 glance.

Oblits whiff in combat.

Top of 4:

Grots arrive!!...

Dakkajets move around. At some point they go off and come back on, and kill a most of my Chosen and their Rhino.

Dakkajets shoot at things and do nothing aside from killing my solo Missile Launcher dude.

Boyz wound the oblits in CC.

Bottom of 4:

Shooting does little. I last the Boyz that shot down Fiends closer to the Demon Prince of Khorne.

Skulltaker charges the Lootas, but is shot down by snapfired Deffguns.....

Demon Prince of Khorne kills a grip of Orks, they pass leadership.

Take a couple more hull points in the shooting phase and the Defiler misses again.

Top of 5:

More zooming Jets, they shoot down the Demon Prince of Slaneesh.

Orks kill my Oblits in CC.

Grots stand and wait.

Bottom of 5:

Defiler moves to close in on the Boyz that killed the Oblits but fails his charge.

Khorne Demon Prince is eventually killed in CC with the Boyz because I forgot fear.

I think the game goes to turn 6, but it doesn't make a difference.

TO wins like 17-8 in KP.


Lootas are OP in this edition, and flyers are insanely hard to deal with.

It was my first game with stuff, so I played like an idiot forgetting all my new toys and TO's dice were smoking red hot rediculous.

With that said, all he had left was 2 Jets, Grots and like 8 boyz. I had Plaguebearers, Defiler, a gunless rhino, 2 Meltaguns and 2 oblits, so I think with another couple of turns I could have killed all his stuff.

Oh well, it was fun and I got to learn a lot.


(sorry for the text wall, camera was at home :( )


  1. Good game. Things should get easier to remember as we get into 6th more. 3 Dakkajets does sound rough though.

  2. Yeah, text walls are pretty bland and I apologize for that.

    I hope to get a few bat reps with pictures soon though!!!

  3. Thanks for the battle report and for following! I too am still waiting to get a rulebook in my hands, aaaargh! (doesn't seem like GW was ready for their own release)


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