Monday, July 16, 2012

Newest Chaos 6E rumors!

Chaos Motherfuckas!
For pictures of the new hotness, check out this post 

From over on Dakka:

The supposed release date - 1 September - That's pretty soon. Right around the time when the new starter set is supposed to come out.
Hard back Codex - Cool, I guess but it's just going to make it more expensive. I hope they provide a softback option as well.

There is an Eye of the Gods-esque table (Warriors of Chaos players will know what I am talking about) that you get to roll on whenever a character kills another character in a challenge, or a Walker or Monstrous Creature. There is a multitude of gifts (and curses) that your Characters can acquire which range from +1 Save, +1 Toughness, or becoming either a Spawn or a Daemon Prince!!!
- This seems like an unnecessary amount of bookkeeping, but that's exactly what they did with 6th so that may lend credence to this rumor.

Chaos Cultists are definitely in, as is the 'Dragon' - think Necron Night Scythe with the main chassis been replaced by a massive mechanical dragon head with segmented wings sweeping forward and around from it.
- Cultists are probably going to be troops which is good news. Chaos need a cheap troop option. The dragon should be pretty cool if it's done well.

On top of those there are also:
Dark Apostles - evil Chaplains basically
- Cool, I guess. A chaplain at the head of some Khorne berserkers could be pretty boss.
Warp Smiths - evil Techmarine that can curse vehicles and degrade terrain. - Also, cool I guess? At least this could be the start of a dark admech army.
A new Daemon Engine - half way between a Dreadnought and a Defiler. - I'm a fan of dreadnoughts, so any new chaos dreadnoughts should be boss. Hopefully it's similar to the forgeworld one. I like being able to put different marks on things with different effects.

 Speaking of Defilers as they are Daemons they have a 5+ Inv save. - It's good to clarify this.

'Cult' units are all Elites and are unlocked to Troops by appropriate
HQ choices, but there are no Cult Terminators which makes me sad. - This is pretty cool. Hopefully they make the cult troopers a bit cheaper so they are viable to take en masse.

Obliterators are exclusively for shooting - so no powerfists. BUT there is a new unit which is basically a close combat Obliterator.
- Not much change here. Generally you don't want your Oblits in combat anyway, so losing the fist isn't a big deal. But a CC type Oblit could be pretty cool with the different weapon types now.

There are 2 types of Raptors now; regular
CSM with Jump Packs, and then some kind of Possessed Daemonic Raptors that all come with Lightning Claws! - Are people going to use raptors now? Probably not. But it depends on the cost and what options they come with.

Possessed are meant to be amazing, and take a lot of benefits from the Eye of the Gods esque table.
- Again, meh. Possessed are crap in the current codex so I'm sure they will be super bad ass in the next codex. 

There are NO Daemons in the Codex because that is what Allies are for.-
No biggy as long as Daemon princes are still in. But this is also wrong since Daemon engines are in(as above with the defiler). 

That's the latest round up of Chaos rumors. Hopefully they don't go the super random route as suggested. The table that they referred to seems like it would be forgotten more often than not, so that's not good.  It's always good to see more chaos units on the table though. Playing marine vs marine vs IG all the time in tournaments is not all that fun.  

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