Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some things around the internet

House of Paincakes idol blog contest
I won! Or I didn't lose the first round at least. So I will be participating in the next round of blogging madness over there.
What will it be about?
Who will it be about???
Who knows?!
Thanks to everyone that voted for me multiple times on multiple computers (hint, hint!). Haha, hopefully I can get my shit together on the next one more than 10 hours before it's due!

I am the Master of the Universe!!!
I talked about this a while back and how awesome I am and how I was gonna totally win the shit out of this... Well, one more round against Dave Faye and I will! for those that don't know, this is a friendly rivalry between the two game empires. I am the Pasadena Champion and Dave is the San Diego store champion. Come on down this Saturday to cheer us (me) on! It's going down at Game Empire Pasadena!

Pro tip: You're going down Dave!

3 for intelligence facebook - Um, check us out on facebook? I heard that was a thing people liked.

Wound... What now?
Reece posted this over at frontlinegaming and it's pretty awesome
6th ed wound allocation flowchart
So, yeah... wound allocation is quick and won't take any time at all... Sure...

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