Friday, July 6, 2012

Tournament Organization in 6th

There's been a lot of talk over what will be allowed in tournaments and what will be broken/imbalanced, etc. The only thing I want to see in a tournament is the same rules applying everywhere I play. The missions may vary, but I don't want to have to learn to play a new game in every tournament I play!

Today we play Rock vs. Face

I think all the problems can be resolved with the adoption of a good, standardized mission system. Well, all problems with the exception of flyers. Some armies are just not currently equipped to deal with flyers. Especially the AV12 ones! The fortification options are a band-aid at best and are still not equipped to take out multiple av12 flyers. But back to my main point...

A good mission system could assign warlord traits to the player going 1st and player going second that are based on the mission so that useless ones aren't generated. It could involve a one time mulligan on random psychic powers. (But the primaris powers are sort of handling this already) It could include the ability to make one of your units skyfire while camping a certain area on the map. The number of objectives, value and location of each could also be in the packets.  All of this can be defined in the mission packets. That way everything is fair to everyone.

Just like Warmachine has a set list of missions every year, 40k should have a set list of tournament missions that people can play. Unfortunately GW doesn't give a shit about tournament play, so it's up to the independent Organizers to get this together. Good luck guys.


  1. Meh, countering flyers can be done through Aegis lines (they are the cheapest way by far, and available to all including Nids). However, if that doesn't float your boat, Guard Vendettas do a pretty good job as well.

    Flyers are going to be quite expensive to spam for most armies, even Crons can't really crank out too many without serious sacrifice to other areas of their lists. I wouldn't worry about it overly, even for tournament play some fortifications or allies should cover the gaps.

    Warlord traits should be FAQ'd so that you can re-roll useless traits (like the one that gives you a bonus to Outflank, when you have no Outflankers etc). Otherwise though, I think its fair to allow players to roll on any one of the three charts, none of the traits are especially OP.

    Handing out Skyfire arbitrarily doesn't help anyone. Some armies will struggle, its true, but thats why GW are pushing fortifications and allies, to plug the gaps that exist at tournament level play.

    1. Countering a single flyer can be handled with an aegis line. Countering several flyers with AV12 will not be done that way. Countering flyers with flyers is the best way to do it imo, but not everyone gets that option.

      I agree with the traits. They either need to be re-organized to objective/non-objective relevant traits or you just need to be able to pick or pre-generate them for a tournament.

      There are no gaps at tournament level play as far as GW is concerned. That's because they don't concern themselves with tournaments! It has been put forth many times that GW does not support tournament play and 6th was specifically aimed at a more casual level of play. Does this mean that people won't play tournaments? No, I think they will still find a way, but as with always the tournament level games aren't really gonna look like the floorhammer games.


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