Monday, July 23, 2012

War Masters, Final

Me and Dave Fay got down this weekend and got a couple games in to cap off the war masters series as Hosted by Game Empire. Dave got a video recap of the whole things, so I will lead off with that.

The games were really intense, but in the end... Dave would just not do me any favors. His saves were hot in both games and I believe that he failed one 2+ save out of both games. That was after shooting my whole army at his command squad and assault with 15 assault marines. It was a well earned victory though and Dave is a gentleman so we decided to split the cash so we could both walk away happy. We went and got a beer after and bullshitted about the non-40k games we're going to play now, haha.

Check out the money shots
Silent, but deadly

Those are the guys that absolutely earned him that money
Here we are, enjoying our spoils!
All in all, this whole war masters thing was really fun. I didn't lose a single game to anyone in the Pasadena bracket (even though Andy almost got me in the pasadena finals) but Dave rolled like a boss and walked out with all of the internet fame. Congrats to Dave and thanks to Chuck, Travis and Game Empire for putting this together for us and giving us the opportunity to play for cold, hard cash!

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