Friday, August 17, 2012

40k 6th edition starter box pics leaked!

Oh, hell yeah! There's been a lot of talk about this box being DA vs Chaos and some of the rumors pointed towards certain names and models that were mysterious... But now the mystery is revealed!

Dark Vengeance, mothafuckas!
The coolest thing about this pic is that on the right hand page behind all the cool, fancy stuff, you might notice what looks like a codex page. If you look closer, you might notice some names on that codex page. Here, let me save your eyesight :)

Krannon the Relentless
Mortis Metalikus Hellsbile
Draznicht's Ravager Chosen
Sect Techtvar Cultists

Sounds like some new chaos blood for the blood god!

But wait, there's more! Check out the rest of the pics after the break

Oh, hai deathwing!

I'm not super thrilled that they appear to only be offering stormbolter/fist, but with the buff to 2+ armor, they might be worth playing if they have any fancy new rules. The poses and iconography is what really stands out here. These are definitely not vanilla marines. I like the spiky fists and leg guards on the terminators as well. More spikes!

Speaking of Spikes...
Look at that Chaos Lord. Just do it.
Holy crap.Soldado will be wetting his pants for this shit. Those models speak for themselves though. The painting team for GW did a hell of a job on the lord. That's an impressive model for sure.

Speaking of impressive models...

Just Kidding!

Here we find ourselves in the dredges. The cultist models look pretty neat, but they are going to die by the droves. The Tactical Squad is a tactical squad. Unfortunately not impressive at all. They seem to have gone out of their way to equip everyone with plasma guns which kind of confirms the rumors that DA are going to be the "Plasma Marines". Which is fine. Everyone needs a specialty or they would just be in C:SM. But they could've at least done a little something to make them look different. The SGT is in a robe... Cool. I have 30 of those models at home. I'm just saying a little more individuality as a chapter would be appreciated.
I am a huge fan of that Librarian in the DA page though. The posing and modeling are what I'm looking for in a commander. It's kind of weird that the DA side of the box will come with three HQs though. I wonder if that means that Interrogator Chaplains will be some sort of sub-HQ? Like an honour guard or a chaplain in the Black Templar book.

Me and Soldado will most likely be splitting one of these when it comes out. I know there's been a lot of talk about moving to warmachine and 6th edition sucks and all that... But GW built this one directly at Soldado and I. These armies are our first loves... And I am always willing to put more bone colored terminators on the field in the name of the emperor!

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