Monday, August 6, 2012

War Room Released!

And then immediately crashes on Android phones...

The eagerly anticipated war room app was released today after some initial hiccups with app certification on apple. They had to re-submit a couple times which is prolly why the app is now functional on apple devices and not so much on androids. 

They initially released this statement saying the app was available! And then pulled that shit down and put up this statement. In case they pull that one down, I will post it here after the break.

I work in QA and I know it's hard to catch every possible combination, but they are getting slammed on the android store. App crashes and people not able to get the decks that they have paid for... Those are pretty big problems.  At the moment they have 111 1 star out of  a total of 149 reviews, That's pretty dismal for an initial release.

It's really too bad, because I was super excited for this app. It seems like the perfect supplement for the game. A card sized device that can track my damage and abilities in real time? Awesome! Hopefully they work this out pretty quickly or the company that made the app is going to have shit for a reputation. Anyway, check out their statement and which devices not to pick this up for after the break. 

We have received your feedback that many of you are experiencing issues with the War Room app, particularly concerning some Android devices failing to launch the app, in-app purchase issues, and other functionality issues. We have asked TinkerHouse to look into these problems, and they have issued the following statement with respect to what these issues are and how they are being addressed.
Hey all, First some specific issues: We know that unit and attachment jack marshalls aren't allowing attachment correctly. We also know that data carrier connections (tbr 3G and 4G connections) are not registering as valid connections for some required network usage. Those will be going in an update shortly.
Some of you are having purchase issues as well. If you've purchased content and it won't allow you to see it, contact us at so that we can fix your problem and get you the decks that you have purchased. Solving these issues and making sure that everyone gets their decks are our top priority right now.
Finally, there are several families of Android devices that will not launch the app. Notably Samsung S Series and some Tabs. Some users have reported uninstalling and reinstalling fixes the issue for them. Some are unable to start past the load screen. We are looking into this issue to isolate what is causing the crash. Please send any information you have regarding your issue to so we can track down the functional issue there.
We're genuinely sorry for the hassle some of you are experiencing and are working hard to fix these issues.
-TinkerHouse Games
TinkerHouse has determined that the following Android devices are having issues with running the app:
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Droid RAZR
  • HTC Sensation
TinkerHouse is working diligently to fix these bugs as quickly as possible. We apologize to everyone who has experienced problems with War Room and strive to remedy these issues so that everyone can enjoy a great user experience and take advantage of the benefits of War Room.

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