Tuesday, August 14, 2012

War Room update 1 for the Android

This week, Privateer press released an update for the War Room app!

Unfortunately it still has it's problems...

The first thing you'll notice, if you downloaded this app on your phone, is that there is now a separate download for Android phones. Which is not the one that was available last week. So, your first task with this update will be to uninstall the tablet app and install the new app specifically for phones. Next, you will need to re-download the database. Then you will be on your way!
Unless you weren't able to connect in the previous install... Now you can create your account! Once you get logged on, you may or may not be prompted for another update. Depending on when you downloaded, but there's one available right now!

Remaining bugs and my thoughts after the break

I mentioned this before, but I really want to like this app.  I think it's an excellent idea which is prolly a bit behind the times. With the advent of smart phones, the miniature companies should have jumped into this market.  But I'm glad that someone is making the attempt for reals.

I have heard of something that I believe was filling this gap for PP called Ibodger. There were some shenanigans with this app and I think it was removed from availability due to IP infringement. And then there's the ever awesome, crowd sourced battle-scribe... Which I haven't used for warmahordes, but I use it constantly for 40k. If GW made something similar that had consistent codex options, I would totally pay money for that.

  • The phone back button doesn't do anything in-app
  • Cancelling the faction select leaves the user at a blank page
  • The descriptive text on the purchase page flows under the pricing buttons
  • The app crashed out of memory when trying to purchase a deck
  •  The app continues to give out crash messages after closing it
  • After crashing, I can no longer attempt to purchase (it says I already own the deck) and the cards do not appear in the app
  • Exiting the app via the home button, and then re-entering it causes the app to crash
So, quite a few bugs and one that won't let me even get in to the meat of the app to test the card functionality and the game making feature. Thus far, it doesn't look like I was charged for the deck, so at least I'm not getting what I'm not allowed to pay for, haha. 

I don't want to be a super downer, so let me talk about some of the apps that are really cool.

Cool Features
  • Purchasing decks can be billed directly to your phone  (In Theory)
  • Being able to toss together an army on the fly. (Without having to super zoom in on Forward Kommander)
  • Being able to mark your damage on the cards on the phone
  • Getting updated cards when they come out without having to pay for them 

I would really like to play with this app at it's full functionality, but it doesn't look like it's quite there yet. Once I can get a fully functional version I will do a full review, but until then, hold off on purchasing decks with android devices. 


  1. Ibodger was a fan made app and was essentially turned off b/c of PP developing WarRoom. Had nothing to do with IP infringement, PP wants everyone to buy their app.

    There are numerous problems with WR such as:
    1. It being made for tablets and not smartphones.

    2. The fact that you need a wifi connection to use the app for a game with your buddy is completely asinine. Believe it or not PP, not every game store has wifi!

    3. If you want to use mercs/minions in your army, you have to buy those decks separately - ex. for me to play my favorite cryx list, I have to buy the cryx, merc and minion deck. =(

    4. It sucks up all your battery power. This makes the app completely useless for a day of gaming, let alone tournament play if you plan on playing more than 1 game that day.

    There's a ton more issues with the app, and I could go on and on. At the end of the day, I won't use this app at all.

    1. Oh, thanks for clearing that up. I kept hearing about it, but I couldn't fins anything concrete.

      I didn't even notice the battery thing (as I wasn't able to actually use the app). That's a terrible design flaw. I've noticed it sticking around in memory and constantly forcing me to close it as well. It definitely sounds like they will need quite a few revs to get this to work properly. Thanks for the info!


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