Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Absylonia Vs Harkevich - Warmachine/Hordes 15pt Battle Report

 Hey readers!!

We have another installment of the classic grudge matches that we do around here:

Same bitter rivalry, new delivery method of hate!!

I am playing my Khador force, led by Kommander Harkevich, the Iron Wolf.

My list was:

*Black Ivan

I chose this list to maximize the number of shots I could get with Broadside and try to take out a Beast at range. Mr. Wardog was there because I had a free point.

Dok's force consisted of:

Absylonia, the Terror of Everblight

Click through to see how it ended up!!!!

We have all of the Steamroller missions downloaded and stuff, but we felt with the limited time we had and the limited knowledge of them game, assassinate each other was probably a good way to roll.

We rolled off, and we tied on 5's, so we rolled again. I won with a 6.

I chose to go first.

Here are pics of deployment:

That's not very much stuff!!!
 Harkevich deployed centrally between and behind the 2 jacks. The dog was back there sniffing his ass.
That's even less!!
The bad guys deployed straight across the table in a line on the 10" line.

Khador Turn 1:

1 Focus for Ivan and the Destroyer, Harkevich keeps 4.
Harkevich activates. He casts Escort on himself and Fortune on Black Ivan then Charges the Carnivean. Fails the charge and ends his activation.
The 2 Jacks and the Dog run forward and end the turn.

Running is exciting!
Everblight Turn 1:

Absylonia goes first. She puts Forced Evolution and Spiny Growth on the Angelius and Playing God on the Carnivean. She charges Ivan. Carnivean Spiny growths himself and charges up. Angelius riles for a couple and advances.

End of 1. Absylonia behind a wall is bad for me. :(

Khador Turn 2:
Harkevich upkeeps both spells and assigns 1 to Ivan, camping 3.

I decide to shoot!

Dog goes first and gets the hell out of the way.
Destroyer moves over and takes a shot at Angelius, needing 12's to hit

That's a 12!!! BAM!
It does like 5 damage. Cool!!
Black Ivan sits still to aim and shoots, he needs a 9 to hit. He hits!! 9 more damage after boosted damage...
Harkevich activates, adjusts slightly and casts broadside.
Black Ivan, needing an 11, HITS AGAIN!!! Leaving Angelius with 4 dots!!!
Unfortunately, the Destroyer misses and my turn ends.

No Pic... rookie report...

Everblight Turn 2:

Abyslonia gets her fury and upkeeps both spells.

She Casts blight field on Black Ivan and then moves up in front of the wall a bit.
Carnivean charges Ivan, hits both jacks with the spray for minimal damages. Charge attack hits Ivan and then Claw 1 misses and Ivan dodges! Sweet!
Angeleius then charges Ivan and Tail Spikes him for like 7000 damages and kills the dick out of him in 1 shot. Angelius bites the Destroyer for 1.

Fuck Angelius in its snake like ass!

Khador Turn 3:

I decide to not upkeep Escort, as the dudes are already there and Fortune is gone so Harkevich gets 6.

The Destroyer is in the blight field so... I walk over to the Carnivean and hit it with my Axe for like 4 damages.....
Harkevich Feats, casts fortune on himself and then charges the Angelius and misses X2... the dog moves to cover his ass

This is bad right?
Everblight Turn 3:

There is a little too much fury out from the last turn, so 2 stay on the Angelius, but he doesn't rage.

Absylonia hangs back away from the super tough guys, blight field on the Destroyer again.

Both his beasts take a bevy of attacks and deal 1 damage to the Destroyer and kill the Wardog.

Spiny Growth also ends up on Angelius again. (seriously.. fuck that guy)

(Another Turn with no pic.. fail)

Khador Turn 4:

Harkevich upkeeps Fortune.... Shitty ass control phase, fuck blight field.

My plan is, to smash the Angelius backwards into the threat range of the Destroyer and maybe the 2 of them can seal the deal.

Harkevich lands his first attack pushes, then follows, lands the 2nd and then proceeds to miss with the rest of his focus.

Destroyer misses with is 1 attack and I start planning what I would like on my tombstone.

Pepperoni, Mushroom and Jalapeno. Yes!

Everblight Turn 4:

Here is the summary.

Absylonia, Morphs for +2 Str, Charges Harkevich and kills him in 2 hits.

Cue the Final Fantasy victory music!
So there you have it.

My shitty ass shooting was no match for the superior defensive statistic of the lame ass Angelius! 
(Am I bitter? Just a little)

Vengeance will soon be mine!!!


  1. Abby ftw! Next time, we'll play some infantry so the game has a bit more interaction and not just "run into each other and slug it out".

  2. Don't do that. Abby is all you need :) No, really, I love her so, so, so much.


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