Friday, September 14, 2012

Hordes Gargantuan preview video

A pretty cool video talking about all of the upcoming gargantuans.  There is some talk about the Archangel here and some concept art, but no model pics. As well as some concept art for the Mammoth. There's a little bit of discussion about the abilities of the mammoth and Archangel that haven't been talked about before. Check out the video for yourself, it's Awesome!


  1. Bulldoze assault and critical Pitch on mammoth. O HAPPY DAY!

    1. I'm pretty excited about this business. Sad that we prolly won't see the Mammoth or the Archangel until next year though. Gimme mah drgn!!!

  2. The new units seem pretty interesting. Sheild wall trollkin Champions with Reach Hammers... and a Mountain King + Trollkin Warlock Unit.

    Would it be silly if I had a red 40k army, Red Khador and Red Trolls?!?!

    omg... gimme cool troll stuff!!!


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