Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Chaos white dwarf leak!

The pics for the next white dwarf have been leaked and they are packed full of chaos, mothafucka!

Check out the Hell Drake...

I think "dragon" was a bit of an over statement.  Obviously it's a drake, it's like these rumor people don't know anything, haha!

"Dragon 170, they have 1 hades auto cannon
3 HP, 12/12/10
they can make a melee attack against other fliers "

Next up is the Warpsmith!

I wish the pic was a little better, but that looks fairly bad ass. I'm also glad that they're delving a little more into technology that chaos creates and not just stuff that they have left over from the heresy.

Speaking of which
The fighty Daemon, not as cool
"Forgefiends are 175, they have TWO Hades Autocannons. A Hades Autocannon is 48", Heavy 4, Str 8 AP 4... pinning they are only bs 3, so it's about the same. and once per game it can reroll to-wound and to-pen you can, however, swap those weapons out for Ectoplasm cannons. which are str 8 plasma cannons. and for 200 you get THREE of them. so that's some ap 2 love
3 HP, 12/12/10 armor "

I am really a fan of the shooty one. That and some oblits (or just three of those) will ruin someone's day pretty quickly.

Chaos is looking pretty Chaosy if I say so myself. What do you guys think? Are you gonna get some big chaosy beasts???

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