Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return to Magic-a?

It's been a whiiiiiiiillllleeee...

Is what the guy from Staind would say if he read that title. You know, Staind? They're that band that did that one song???

Fine, if you were born after 1990, you prolly don't who that is. But you prolly know what Magic: the Gathering is! See that segue? That's why I get paid the big bucks! (Disclaimer: no actual bucks are changing hands on this website. Sad Face)

I used to play Magic back when I was a young buck (Zing!) and eventually got out of it due to none of my friends wanting to play any more and my lack of having a reliable mode of transportation.  My fondest memories of my last magic sting were from the time spiral set and from the Ravnica block. I mean, a whole plane that's a city? That's something I can get behind being from LA. And now they are going back to Ravnica

Magic really is what initially got me into my nerdy endeavors, so playing it after a couple years off should be an interesting experience. Things have changed a lot since I picked up my first revised deck in 199-something. Almost 20 years of magic! Which is probably why they are now "returning" to places they have gone before. First Mirrodin and now Ravnica? Hoepfully they aren't running out of interesting plane ideas. Soon we will be "retuning to homelands", haha.

That doesn't appear to be the case in this set though. For those who don't know, there are certain sites where one can find the list of cards before they are out. And they look pretty awesome! Unfortunately, my favorite guild didn't make it into the first set

8 pointed stars seem somehow familiar...
But maybe I will stick around a while and see how I feel about magic. Like I said, It's been a whiiiiillllleeeee...

Is anyone out there going to get their hands dirty with a bit of shufflin, shufflin? What's your favorite guild?


  1. I started playing M:TG when Ice Age came out, right when things really started picking up/gaining mass popularity. I've followed it since as I have several friends who played then and have played the whole way through to this day. Periodically they've convinced me to jump back in and each time I've quite only weeks later. The sad thing (for me) about M:TG is the wonderment of the game has been lost. I have incredibly fond memories of first starting to play M:TG, ones that I tried to rekindle... Sadly it is impossible as the game (in my opinion) has mutated into a bastard of its former self.

    1. Same with me to be honest. I played from 3rd edition to mirage and then quit while I was in the Army. Then when I came back we played a while until ravnica. We've picked it up every couple years or so when someone gets an itch, but there's just so much cool stuff out there to do to be limited to one game for too long.

  2. Oh, and I'm very familiar with Stained. They've had several very good albums. ;)

    Check out their original hit song, Mudshovel.

    1. I didn't think that there would be that many people that didn't know about them, but it hit me while I was writing this that it was a pretty old song. Ugh, getting older has it's perks, but the price of getting old is a high one indeed!


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