Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Warmachine is hard

See that title up there? That's why I get paid the big bucks!

It's been a while since I've posted something meaningful, but I have been hit really hard with a case of the "gamer fatigue" lately. I did my duty. I shelled out some money for dark vengeance, I read all the rumors about the new hotness, and signed up for the big local tournament. Except that Dark vengeance is still in it's box, I don't care about a flying mechanical dragon, and I was too tired from going out for my girlfriends birthday to go to the big tournament.

So, 40k is just not doing it for me. That's fine, every good thing passes in it's time. I'm sure in a couple months/year I will be excited about dudes in power armour running a genetic purity campaign against the universe. Even though they are not strictly speaking "human".  But I digress, That will be covered in my "101 ways the emperor is like hitler" article, haha. What I have been doing when time permits, is playing me some warmachine.


Well, more specifically Hordes. And even more specifically Legion of Everblight. (Speaking of fanatical devotion to an unseen force. I sense a theme here...)  I have approximately 12-15 games under my belt and boy do I lose.

A lot.

I have won exactly one game outside playing against my faithful punching bag, Soldado. And even he has beat me more times than I have beat him! So, in my own fashion I have taken to the internet to try and work out what my problem is.

  • Colossals - Colossals are really hard to kill and it seems like everyone has one.
  • List building - I keep wanting to try new units and not learning how to use the ones I have
  • Complication - The units I do use have different synergy with different casters
  • Reallllllll bad dice - Not using this as an excuse, but I have had some real bad dice in this game so far. I think I have rolled a triple 1 every game I've played so far!
  • Failure to plan - I haven't quite wrapped my head around the strictness of unit by unit activations and I often find myself moving a unit into another units way. 
All in all, I think I just need to play better. But if there's any advice that my warmachine playing brethren have that they would like to share or if you just wanna talk shit about how much I suck, I would love to hear it. I'm totally crowdsourcing my knowledge here. That's what the cool kids do now-a-days, right????


  1. My #1 piece of advice is get rid of that shitty ass fucking Angelius!! That guy sucks!!!

    I think you are on the right page bro. It is a lot to adapt to in order of operations and all that. We were so hindered in 40k in what we were allowed to do that it is going to take a while to see all opportunities that present themselves in Warma-hordes.

    The game is a lot harder than it seems though.

    1. Yeah, I need to wrap my head around positioning. Also, Hordes seems to need to keep everyone in the control area, so that limits your options. I kind of like that warmachine is not reliant on jacks for the most part and can send most of their army wherever the hell they want while the caster hides in the back supporting.

  2. Well, Hordes doesn't do that, Everblight seems to more, because you run soo many Dragonbeasties.

    I see Troll troop walls all over and Circle seems to run more dudes as well.

    Troopers FTW!


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