Tuesday, October 23, 2012

40k Chaos Space Marine FAQ!!! News at 2!

Hello friends,

I just happened to notice that the new Chaos Space Marine codex has its FAQ up already.

It's pretty brief, so I'll post it.

Page 61 – Typhus, Plague Zombies
Change to ‘Plague Zombies are Chaos Cultists that have the
Fearless, Feel No Pain and Slow and Purposeful special rules
and cannot purchase options other than to add additional
models to the unit.’
Page 69 – Axe of Blind Fury
Change first rules sentence to ‘Models with the Mark of
Khorne, or Daemons of Khorne, only.’
Page 91 – superscript note 5
Change to ‘Models with the Mark of Khorne, or Daemons of
Khorne, only.’
Page 97 – Chaos Terminators, Options, second bullet point
Change to ‘Any Chaos Terminator may choose any of the
following three options:’
Page 97 – Helbrute
Change points value to 100 points.

Clarified that Demon Princes can use the Khorne Stuff, cool

Helped people read that more models is not an upgrade for Zombies, cool.

Changed the cost of the Hellbrute!!!

This is the first time I have ever seen a flat points change to a unit. 5 point reduction of points is pretty much unprecedented in my memory.

Is this right?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shameless self promotion!

Hey guys, I just started a beer/brewing blog over at http://www.la-beer-blog.com
Take a look if you get a chance! I will be talking about places in and out of LA to get a beer, my brewing adventures, beer news, and what kind of beers I like!

Hyperion, Assssssemmmmbbbllleeeeddddd!!!

After a bit of hobby work with a knife and a file, I got my Hyperion together!

Some tips on assembly
  • The metal blades on the backs of the hands needed to be bent to fit in the slots
  • The central dark grey piece where the main gun is needed a lot of work. The two halves didn't fit together and the assembled piece didn't fit properly into it's seat. Be ready to bust out your file and get some work done
  • The legs are a bit confusing. I would recommend starting from the hip piece and working outward.  That way you can set the feet on a level area and set the metal connectors between the feet and leg pieces. If you don't, it may not be level as the metal pieces will slot in much further than they need to.
  • The arms/shoulderpads are a bit tricky to get on. You have to set the arm ball in it's socket and then rest the shoulder pads on top. Everything is centered on the arm.

Other than that, it just took me a couple hours to get this guy together. Most of the time was spent filing the middle piece to get it flush and then filing the trim off the shoulder pads.

I'm thinking of doing a black based color scheme to hide the filing and gaps a bit better. Basically black on the armor with gold inlay. Could be cool. If anyone knows of any pics of redemption models that look like that, send em my way!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hyperion unboxing!

I know it's been a minute since I posted anything here, but I really have not been feeling tabletop games lately. With the disappointment of 40K 6th edition, followed by my inability to get any gaming time in for Warmachine, I have just been hit by the gaming doldrums... Hard.

So, how does one shake the doldrums and get back on that gaming/blogging horse? (That's a weird horse...) By buying big, cool toys!!!

I like how "Colossal" is the smallest word on there.

I have been playing a bit of Legion and have got sort of a grasp on their play style, so what better way to cement that knowledge than to start a new faction! I saw that Hyperion was coming out this last week and that nudged me to retribution. Then I read some of their lore and checked out their casters and noticed how similar they were to Eldar and I was sold!

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Archangel pic? Hells yeah!

This little image came out over the weekend while I was busy sleeping off a hangover, so sorry if you've seen it already. But it's too awesome not to share!

That looks awesome. Pretty much the design sketch come to life. It's rumored that the wings will be easily detachable for ease of transportation, but we will have to wait and see how that pans out.  All I'm saying is, I can't wait to slap playing god on this bad boy! The Abby tier list just got way more fun!
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