Tuesday, October 23, 2012

40k Chaos Space Marine FAQ!!! News at 2!

Hello friends,

I just happened to notice that the new Chaos Space Marine codex has its FAQ up already.

It's pretty brief, so I'll post it.

Page 61 – Typhus, Plague Zombies
Change to ‘Plague Zombies are Chaos Cultists that have the
Fearless, Feel No Pain and Slow and Purposeful special rules
and cannot purchase options other than to add additional
models to the unit.’
Page 69 – Axe of Blind Fury
Change first rules sentence to ‘Models with the Mark of
Khorne, or Daemons of Khorne, only.’
Page 91 – superscript note 5
Change to ‘Models with the Mark of Khorne, or Daemons of
Khorne, only.’
Page 97 – Chaos Terminators, Options, second bullet point
Change to ‘Any Chaos Terminator may choose any of the
following three options:’
Page 97 – Helbrute
Change points value to 100 points.

Clarified that Demon Princes can use the Khorne Stuff, cool

Helped people read that more models is not an upgrade for Zombies, cool.

Changed the cost of the Hellbrute!!!

This is the first time I have ever seen a flat points change to a unit. 5 point reduction of points is pretty much unprecedented in my memory.

Is this right?


  1. When they updated the BT and DA books I am nearly positive they changed some of the points costs to reflect the rules changes they were instituting.

    1. Ah yeah. They changed the cost on storm shields to fall in line with upgrading them to 3++. That is the only thing I can think of. But that was more of a wargear change than a whole unit cost change. Good catch!

  2. Yeah and that was to bring the codex up to speed with the current line of codexs.

    I am more questioning if a unit has a had a flat point cost reduction. going from 105 points to 100 is fairly significant, as we have all made few lists that needs just 1 more point to be legal. I wonder why this change was made also, was there an emergency meeting and people were like, omg 5 less points for balance? Very weird.


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