Thursday, November 8, 2012

Retribution of scyrah battlegroup starter box

I know, why so soon, right? Retribution is a bit behind the other factions as far as model count is concerned, but way ahead on awesomeness as far as I'm concerned. I recently got into Retribution as I really like the models and the fluff. I'm not hot on their jacks though, which makes this box a bit of a disappointment for me.

It seems like a weird time to release it since they released Hyperion a couple weeks ago. You would assume that they would want this in the store at the same time the colossal came out so you could have an easy army in a box.

The contents are

  • Warcaster Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper
  • Chimera Light Myrmidon
  • Griffon Light Myrmidon
  • Manticore Heavy Myrmidon
Seems like kind of an odd combination as Kaelyssa doesn't really want to give all her focus away to boost the 'jacks different field buffs. It seems that maybe Rahn would've been a better choice, but really none of the ret casters are very 'jack focused.

Does anyone out there have a different opinion? Did I miss some awesome synergy here?


  1. generally, the battleboxes are less about awesome synergies or amazing combos and just about grinding. Seemingly, the intent of the starters is to create games where players have to go through a lot of turns, making lots of attack and damage rolls, etc, to reinforce the game concepts. After that, the Ret player can build a Ravyn tier and snipe-feat-win to their little heart's content!

    1. I don't think this box is necessarily terrible, I just think they could use a bit more internal synergy to open people's eyes to where they could go with the box.


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