Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To BAO or not to BAO?

That is the question...

I have gone to this tournament in it's first two years and had a hell of a good time both years. I have finished highly in every event I have played there, but have not been able to place with a prize. (Bragging rights only go so far, haha) I still posit that we were robbed out of the team tournament, but that's in the past now... Or is it!!! Haha.

This year however, there are some pretty big differences. There is the obvious big change in editions, but there are a couple other things as well that may influence me to go or to skip it this year. This presents me with some difficulties.
  • The biggest one being that I haven't played 40k in months and don't know that much about the current lists
  • Next being that I don't necessarily have an army that can compete. 
  • And thirdly being that my crew has pretty much diminished to just me. So I would be rolling solo
So I came up with this list to help me decide

Pros of going
  1. I will get to hang out with some good friends that I don't get to see that often
  2. I get to spend a couple days playing some challenging games of 40k
  3. Warhammer groupies!
  4. It good blog material
  5. It's fun!

Cons of going
  1. It's a long drive
  2. I'd have to go solo
  3. I would have to get/paint a new army or adapt what I have to the new edition
  4. Cost of hotel, gas, etc
  5. Losing to that IG guy again, ugh!

There are some tough reasons either way. Cost is definitely going to be a big part of it, especially if I have to start a new army. I guess there are always Allies to mitigate the cost. I dunno, I'm still undecided.  Is anyone out there going this year? If so, awesome! Maybe I'll see you there and we can drink a beer. If not, think about it. It's a super fun event and the guys that run it are pretty awesome.


  1. Im going to play WM/H, hopefully with some of the GE Pasadena guys


    1. I was considering that, but I kinda suck at wm/h. I wish I didn't, but there's no denying it, haha

    2. Get some more games in then !


    3. I can't argue with that. I need to go in on a saturday or sunday and grind out like ten games. Get learned a bit.


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