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2012 GW 40k release review

Me with Codex: Dark Angels...
Looking back at last year (We made it!!! No Mayan apocalypse for us), there was actually quite a lot of GW activity related to 40k. Not all of it was awesome. To be fair some of the things they did this year were pretty cool. Necrons came back (Duh, they always come back) and got a pretty decent codex. Chaos got some cool models, and they teased Dark Angels all year and then didn't release them. I guess Dark Vengeance counts?  T-minus 5 days until I get my grubby little hands on that codex!

March - Space Wolves and Tyranids model refresh
Some really cool stuff for the Tyranid range and some "why so soon?" stuff for the SW range.  The Hive Tyrant model was awesome and the thunderwolf cav models were not as good as the third party manufacturers. This month had it's ups and downs, but I definitely think it was a positive overall. It reinvigorated Tyranid players who were flagging at the time and gave SW players stuff they already had.

April - New Paints 
I did absolutely nothing with the new paint line. People seem to be happy with them and more options are always better imo. 

May - Necrons Wave 2 
A lot of new characters released this month. Wraiths, spyders, stuff that people were really hyped on at the time, but now no one uses... Well played GW

June - Fliers
Fliers! Stormtalon, dakkajets, flying croissants of doom! People were really confused by how crappy these were. They didn't make any sense in 5E with the exception of Ork players being kinda hyped on the dakkajet, but the other two didn't really make a splash until... 

July - Warhammer 40K 6th Edition
My face after reading the rules for "look out, sir"
The ballbreaker of edition releases. At least in this bloggers humble opinion. It made me not want to play 40k anymore and caused much controversy and gnashing of teeth.  There has been a lot said about this edition and people seem to still be in the thick of either talking shit about it or wanting to dogmatically stick to RAW.

August - Daemons 
I had stopped actively playing by the time this white dwarf release came out. I have heard of the silliness that is now the tzeentch daemons. One of the coolest things about this release was the idea of "limited edition" models as a selling point for a regular release. The upgraded Slaaneshi daemon.  If by cool, I mean it sent an unnecessary message to GW saying that they could do this for every release since that model sold out in minutes...

(A side note, I just looked the exalted seeker up to grab a pic and I see that it is no longer a special release. Anyone can buy it for $88 now. So if you bought it thinking it was a special one time thing, GW would like to say "fu".)

Tzeentch wrote that WD insert. He's crazy like that.
September - Dark Vengeance 
Which brings us to Dark Vengeance! This was a really cool box set and for all the trash talking about GW, I really did like it. Me and Soldado went Halfsies on it to get our hands on the new models and the little rule book. Also the "limited edition" interrogator-chaplain. It turned out that people didn't really want the box without the chaplain. At least according to my FLGS. The regular edition without the chaplain sat on the shelves like it was a copy of dreadfleet!

October - Chaos Space Marines 
Chaos Motherfucker!  I gotta say, the models for the new chaos range are pretty sweet.  And the dragon's balefire cannon (big flamer thing?) is a pretty ridic weapon for a flyer to have. I only looked at the codex once, but the rules seemed solid and it looked like they added a bit of flavor back to the colorless and bland previous chaos codex. This was also the introduction of the mandatory hard cover codex for 40k. And "special edition hard cover codex"...

November - Imperial Defence Line    
This is apparently a thing that came out. I know nothing about it unfortunately. It looks like a bigger aegis defence line if that helps. Maybe one of you guys can help me out? Is this thing good?

Top 3 models of the year
1. Exalted seeker of Slaanesh - What can I say? In a game of "who has the most spikes?" this is the hands down winner. At least until they come out with the "Exalted skulls of the skulls pile".
2. Wraith's - The wraith's were what was hot in the beginning of the year and everyone was super stoked to have them. They are also really cool models and replaced the lame duck metal ones.
3. Forgefiend - This is like a defiler on speed. I love how this thing looks with the three cannons. Nothing says daemon engine like the forgefiend imo. How many guns and skulls can we attach to something with legs? This many.

Bottom 3 models of the year 
1. Thunderwolf Cavalry - Uninspired? Check. Little to no improvement over third party options? Check. Years too late for people to care? Check. Imo, the smallest splash of the year was this SW release. Everyone already had a better option for the models they released and GW really did nothing to wow us with these.
2. Necron Characters -  I've been playing 40k for 14 years. I have seen a space marine in every pose imaginable. But I've never really found myself bored with them. Every one of these necron characters is boring.  How many ways can they show me "Robot guy with a staff"? 13 apparently.
3. Chaos Lord from Dark Vengeance -   "I HAVE A BIG SWORD!!!" While not the most terrible looking model ever, the chaos lord from the box set screams "I AM BORING!", and also the above bit about the sword. Chaos lords are the top dog in a world of daemonically/genetically altered superhumans who could swat me aside like the gnat I am... And here this dude is, pointing a pistol off into the distance, longingly holding his sword handle... I would really like to see this dude jumping off the base, about to fuck some shit up. But instead. Pew Pew. Fuck.

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