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DA rules rumors

I haven't been able to find too much on the actual rules for the upcoming DA book, that is until today!

From over on dakka, user Pretre posted a big conglomeration of rules. I wanna take a look at those and talk about them individually and try to come up with some semblance of how this codex will play. I cleaned up the list a bit, so hopefully it will be a bit easier to get info from. Take a look.


Deathwing Knights
  • +1 To their Toughness if they are base to base with each other.
  • The (melee?) weapon of the Deathwing Knights champion is +2S AP3 and cannot be switched for something else(Caliban Halberd +2S AP2 strikes at Init?)
  • Bane of the traitor(-1ap vs c:csm in cc) is deathwing knights weapons only .
  • Smite is str+6 ap2 one use.
This looks like a strong unit. I believe they come stock with SS and their mace, but I'm not sure of the stats there. This is a prime target for DW assault imo. Having these guys up in your opponents face will cause them problems. The smite is an interesting ability. I'm glad they are borrowing a bit more from warmachine/hordes with the mini-feats. They add a bit of flavor and tacticality to the unit.

Deathwing Termie squads
  • 210 base.  They are 44 Points for each additional member.
  • Split fire rule
  • Can take 10 members with 1 heavy weapon per 5
A bit more spendy than their previous incarnation. It remains to be seen whether the weapon options changed in price though. That will be the deal breaker. 
Split fire is an interesting rule here. I think it might be a bit of a red herring though. You will still want these guys mostly CC as far as I can tell. With the change to termie armour, it's definitely more feasible to have a fully shooty DW unit though... Time will tell. 

Land Speeder Vengeance
  • The Plasma Storm Battery is S7 AP2, 3 small blast or 1 large blast.
I assume the large blast is the same str. What I don't get about these new speeders is how did they not get an increase in AV? These are going to be a lot of points for a very fragile unit that paints a huge target on itself and is in fact a huge target. 
Land Speeder DarkShroud
  • 80 pts
  • Has the dark rule, which gives +2 to it's cover save.
  • (Within?) 6" units gain Stealth.
Hopefully this can be upgraded to something more than a heavy bolter. Otherwise it will have the opposite problem of the Vengeance.  Just not enough going on to bother taking. 
Dark Talon
  • Rift Cannon: Strength 5, AP-, blast, blindness.
Aside from people thinking this looks silly (I don't. I love it. Give me more angels on my planes!) I think this will be an excellent anti-infantry platform.  I would like to see what the weapons can be switched out for until I make my final judgement, but so far I like it. Hurricane bolters are heavily undervalued in this edition of "fire all your guns all the time".  I've heard the stasis bomb gives -3I, but I don't have a confirmation.
  • (about 150/160 pts) According to Warseer 180.
  • Avenger Mega Bolter: r48, Strength 6 AP4, heavy 5
  • Missiles: r36, Strength 6 AP4
  • Unrelenting Hunter: Allows exchanging a result of the enemy weaponry destroyed by an immobilized result.
  • Missile lock
This jet is just slightly underwhelming. It has a mediocre AssCan replacement, and the missiles are just meh. Especially since they are worse than the "Mega" Bolter. I'm assuming the missiles have Blast, otherwise missile lock is pretty useless. Or maybe it has some cool missiles that you can change the stock ones out for? This fighter has a lot of potential, but the standard armament is just slightly sub-par. 
Black Knights Ravenwing
  • 126 unit 3
  • Corvus Hammer: Strength +1, AP-, Rending.
  • Plasma Talons 18" plasma guns.
  • skilled rider
Bikes!!! How many dudes with twin linked plasma guns do I want in my army? All of them! I'm not sure if these guys can be made troops also as sources vary, but I would be absolutely down for that. They even have a decent CC presence for once with a higher str and a higher base attack. These are pretty awesome and I am excited to have some on the table.
Command Squad Ravenwing.
  • Same points as the Black Knights.
I'm not sure how different these are from the black knights, so no comment for now. They can take an apoth and banner bearer most likely.
Ravenwing bikers
  • 80 points for a 3man bike squad. 27 points for each additional member.
  • scouts
  • Same combat squad splitting
Regular bikers are still pretty cool. They come with teleport homers stock, so they will continue to be able to get your termies into tight spots on the first turn.  
  • 190
  • Same weapon options as before
  • makes Terminators troops
  • no scatter when DS
60 more points and a model with no options :( But his statline definitely is improved. It's not known whether he makes the knights troops as well as the regular termies, but if he does, then all is forgiven. He also comes with a little bonus this time around. He keeps the unit he comes with from scattering on DS. Seems like an ability the master of a force of the most elite terminators should have. Well played, GW
  • makes RW bikes troops
  • EW
There hasn't been too much talk about Sammael. He still does the same things as far as I've seen but he does have some new wargear listed on the GW site. Corvex, Night Halo. No idea what these do, but the night halo may be a replacement name for his Land Speeder's Shield of Night

  • gains +2S and AP3 for his sword
  • makes both RW and DW troops, but He has to be in the primary detachment.
  • giving 4++ to his squad
  • can choose his warlord trait from the 6 new ones.
  • no scatter when DS
Azrael for some reason does not have a stat or wargear change on So I'm not sure if they are keeping it on the DL or if they are going to release a new model. As it stands, he is still pretty awesome, but I'm not sure how he is supposed to DS with no termie armour. Hopefully he has some more compelling reasons to take him as I'm sure he will be 250+ points. I think he's the only way to play dual wing though, so there is that... 

  • mastery level 3
  • Must take mind worm and then rolls twice on any except biomancy
Not too much on Ezekial other than he still has to take Mind Worm.  Hopefully they have updated it to something reasonable and given him the ability to take termie armor.  Otherwise, he will remain on the shelf. 
  • The special rule "Inner Circle" gives hatred against Chaos Space Marines and Courage.
  • Warlord table gives +1d6 to turbo boost distance/reroll running roll to the Warlord unit, furious charge, +1/-1 to reserve rolls, fearless
  • Everything has a version of stubborn.
  • Special items include conversion, displacer, and power fields.
  • Random stat monster slayer power sword
  • (melee?) Weapon thats str+3ap3 bane blind concusive
  • All missile launchers can be upgraded to flak
 No idea what courage is, but it's always good to have a army specific hatred for an extra leg up. The warlord table looks kinda meh, but it's missing a couple of items, so I'll wait and see. 
"New" fields are always interesting. Not sure where they will be used though.
New melee weapons and everything being able to take flakk is definitely cool. It's a rule that tac squads missiles always miss, but if I can throw flakk on a scout squad or a cyclone missile launcher, then that's a definite plus. 

All in all, I like this release. Mostly because I already have most of this stuff! When the book comes out, I will definitely take a look at the flyer options and give them a second look here. I love the range as well. With the exception of the big stupid land speeder. What do you guys think?

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