Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Death from the Skies!!!

OMG!!!! (sarcasm)

Or is it???
From Dakka:
A new 40k supplement book will be released on 16th February:
"Death from the Skies" (26€, mail order only, chance of being in English only).

70 page "compendium".
It will have updated 6th edition rules for flyers:
Stormraven (now available to space marines and BT)
Storm Talon
Ork Bomba / dakka jet / burna bomba
Valkyrie / vendetta
Razorwing & Void Raven
Night Scythe / doom scythe
also dog fighting rules from crusade of fire and a new flyers scenario. 

Interesting that it has some models that already have rules for 6th ed. Does that imply that the rules for some of those will be changing? Hopefully they will pump up some of the lame duck options here and deflate some of the more op of the items. (hack, cough, vendetta)

It will also be interesting to see how "official" these rules are. This is the first non-WD addition to the rules in recent memory, so I am curious to see if they are adopted by the tournament circuit or not. And how confused people will become if they don't have this book or don't want to play with it's rules.

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