Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New FAQ 1.2 recap and review

It's always an exciting day when new FAQ's are released as the game can change in many strange ways at the whim of GW. Whether it was meant to be that way from the start or not, who knows? But that isn't how the books were printed so that's not how we play.
When are they going to answer the FAQ "wtf were they thinking?"

Today is another one of those FAQ days and things, they are a changing. Take a look to see what's changing today in warhammer and some of my thoughts on how these changes will change the game... With changing...


No cover saves against vector strikes - That makes this ability just a bit more awesome. I'm glad they could take the time to make FMCs and chaos dragons better!
Clarified fleeting through difficult terrain - Now you can re-roll any of the three dice you would roll and drop the highest. 
If a unit that has gone to ground gains fearless, they can act as normal that turn - wow, that's potentially a huge buff if you have a character on standby to grant fearless. Free go to ground every turn!
Force weapon activations are allowed before FNP rolls - That's sensible. Otherwise fnp would be too good... Right?
Rending against vehicles - Not ap2 for some reason. 
Defensive grenades now affect units instead of models  - I had assumed this was how this worked in 6e anyway, but it is good to have a faq to refer to. 

Under the wtf category...
Q: Some units have rules that mean their selection permits other
units from that detachment to be selected as if they belonged to
different parts of their Codex army list (Heavy Support choices
chosen as Troops for example). If such a permissive unit is killed, do
these rules immediately cease to apply (e.g. units chosen as Troops
that were not Troops originally cease to count as such and so cannot
be Scoring units, or worse become illedgal units due to excess choices
from one or more sections of the army list)? (p109)
A: No.

Dark Angels

A lot of the silly typos are fixed
- Missile lock is gone from the fighter. So now it's more overcosted
- Darkshroud had stealth removed from it's rules, so only 3+ cover save when jinking
- Veteran wargear was redone
But the most interesting thing is 
Q: How many points is Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus, from the
special edition Dark Vengeance boxed game?
A: 125 points. Seraphicus is an HQ choice in a Dark Angels
army, and a special character. He is an Interrogator-Chaplain
armed with a plasma pistol, as listed in Codex: Dark Angels. He
replaces the Interrogator-Chaplain’s Zealot special rule with his
own Litanies of the Dark Angels special rule.

Apparently you can play the dude from the Dark Vengeance box set.  Seems kind of odd to me to have a character model that only a limited number of people have access to, but that may drive his price up so I can sell mine, haha.

Chaos Daemons

Zombies aren't followers of nurgle as far as epidemus is concerned. That's it. Moving right along


They randomly changed the ability to cast powers on units in transports. You can no longer do this. That's all. Just needed something to change I guess?

Grey Knights

Now dreadnoughts take s10 hits if they are embarked on a stormraven and it's shot down while zooming. - Not a big deal. I've only seen someone take a dreadnought in a SR once and it wasn't in 6E. This counts for BA dreads as well, so there's a potential implication there, but I haven't seen BA on the tables much since 6E rolled out. So maybe not...

Vindicaire's sniper rule over rules Look out, sir! - That's pretty cool. I haven't used a vindicaire in a while, but he might be worth it if he can really snipe again. 


Clarified that hunters from hyperspace only ever targets one unit

Clarified that dudes in a flying croissant do not take s10 hits when their ride gets blown up

The rest is pretty insignificant or they didn't get an update. Take a look at this page to see if something in your favorite codex was wrecked!  Does any of this seem that game changing? Let me know what you think!


  1. Don't forget the worst ruling in the set. A unit that is stradling the 24" line can only get the guys within 24" killed by a unit firing bolters at them, everyone out of 24" is safe. Unless the firing unit has a longer range gun in it, like one lascannon, then all the bolters affect the whole unit too. Why not add stupid complexity to wound allocation.

    1. Yeah... I wanted to avoid that one. There's only so much trash talking I can do in one post and I wanted to save it for the DA book :)


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