Thursday, February 28, 2013

Final BAO list + rant!

BLAM! The BAO is this weekend! It sure did sneak up on me... I hadn't really finalized my list (or painted my army) until yesterday, so I'm pretty much going in with only a rudimentary idea if this army will even work or not. Awesome! I will definitely stock up on some beers in the case of an 0-2 start.

This is where it's at!
A quick side rant... There has been some amount of controversy over the rulings for their tournament FAQ. Accusations over someone trying to exclude someone else, rules changes, and whether they were trying to mislead the community. To which I say, bollocks. Every 40k GT ever has "changed the rules" of the tournament to make it more interesting or to make the game playable.  Have you ever been to a GT where it was strict book missions and you used straight wording from the books with no definition of what rulings might be in advance? No, that's stupid. People pay a lot of money to go to these things and want to know what to expect. No one wants to build a list for an event and then get blown out when the judges rule it a different way than they expect.

The only thing I can really see people complaining about here is the lateness of the thing. There weren't really that many big changes in their FAQ other than their erring on the side of caution with the banner of devastation ruling. And that would only really affect people who were following the initial hubbub of the codex and the previous allowance of the banner affecting stormbolters by the BAO guys.

Rants aside, I figured out my list! Here it is!

Dark Angels 1750 BAO list

Azreal – 215
Librarian – SM bike, mastery level 2, auspex, power field generator – 155
Command Squad – apothecary, banner of devastation, bolters - 180
Mortis Dreadnought – 2 x twin linked autocannons – 125
Mortis Dreadnought – 2 x twin linked autocannons - 125
Tactical Squad – 10 man, missile launcher w/flakk missile, meltagun, bolters - 175
Tactical Squad – 10 man, missile launcher w/flakk missile, meltagun, bolters - 175
Tactical Squad – 7 man, missile launcher w/flakk missile, bolters -123
Ravenwing attack squad – 6 man, 2 plasma guns, melta bombs - 196
Devastator Squad – 4 x Lascannon – 150
Devastator Squad – 4 x plasma cannon – 130


I'm excited as hell to be able to play Mortis Dreadnaughts. I was really worried about the anti-air component as Soldado's helldrake was raping my heavy support for several turns until I got a lucky butt shot in our practice game.  I think people are going to be a bit wary about taking flyers this year as I think everyone is going to have air defense out the wazoo with forgeworld being in play. 
I think this list has all my mission bases covered.  A minimum number of units for the KP mission, 4-9 scoring units depending on mission and need, a swift, scouting unit to grab the relic T1, a good Challenge hq, as well as FNP and the ability to give out 4++ saves wherever I need them.  

I think the only challenge for me here will be moving all those dudes efficiently and into good positions. I won't need to mess with them too much after I got the banner placed, but I found in my practice games that I am a bit immobile after I set up. So I may have a bit of a problem against a gunline type of army. (Again, I put myself in a position to get blown out by IG, sigh...)

Are you guys going? Are you using any Forgeworld? Any advice on playing this list from other DA players???

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