Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the edge of glory - Prep for the BAO!!

What's up party people!!!

So it's that time of the year, where Dok and I make the long drive up from the Greater Los Angeles area to the Greater San Francisco area to play some mother fucking WARHAMMER!!!! This year we will be headed up with Brothererekose and possibly OverWatchCnC from Capture and Control

Reece and his crew at Frontline Gaming are host the third annual Bay Area Open - Warhammer 40,000 singles championship.

To Recap:

Year 1, I placed in like the top 40, which is horrible!!
Year 2, 14th place... Waaaay better, only losing to first place and 3rd place. Damn OP codexes (I Kid!)

To predict the future


Probably not... I will actually be happy if I get back to 40th place with my practice going in and available army.

Whats that? You want to know what list I am playing?

So glad you asked!!

  • Aegis Defense Line 
    Gun emplacement with Icarus lascannon         

Chaos Space Marines ( Primary Detachment )


  • Chaos Lord
    Champion of Chaos, Fearless, Independent Character
    Bike, Mark of Slaanesh, Sigil of corruption
    • Power Armour
      Lightning Claws, Power Fist
  • Sorcerer 
    Champion of Chaos, Independent Character, Psyker
    2x Additional Mastery Level, Aura of dark glory, Bike, Veterans of the Long War 
    • Power Armour
      Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon


  • Noise Marines (Troops)
    Noise Marine w/ Blastmaster, 3x Noise Marine w/ Bolter
    • Noise Champion
      Champion of Chaos
      Bolt Pistol, CCW
  • Noise Marines (Troops)
    Noise Marine w/ Blastmaster, 3x Noise Marine w/ Bolter
    • Noise Champion
      Champion of Chaos
      Bolt Pistol, CCW
  • Noise Marines (Troops)
    Icon of Excess, 5x Noise Marine w/ Sonic Blaster
    • Noise Champion
      Champion of Chaos
      Bolt Pistol, CCW, Doom Siren

Fast Attack

  • Chaos Bikers 
    3x Chaos Biker, 2x Flamer 
    • Chaos Biker Champion 
      Champion of Chaos
      Bolt Pistol, CCW
  • Heldrake  
    •  Baleflamer
  • Heldrake 
    • Baleflamer

Heavy Support 

  • Havocs 
    4x Autocannon, 4x Havocs
    • Aspiring Champion
      Bolt Pistol, CCW               

Allied Orks


  • Big Mek
    Choppa, Shokk Attack Gun 

Troops (142pts)

  • Ork Boyz
    16x Boy 
    • Nob
      Bosspole, Power Klaw

Fast Attack 

  • DakkaJet 
    • Fighta Ace, Twin-Linked Supa Shootas    
So what is this?

3 Flyers which works well on the table
Big unit of Bikes with a Sorc and Lord. Lord is killy, flamers on the bits for charge defense.
Havocs for MC's or Anti infantry
Blastmasters for anti MEQ
Sonic Blasters for picking dudes out of ADLs and capturing the relic.
My own ADL for cover!
and a Shokk Attack Gun- Hell yeah!!! Because I don't think I can win anyways, I might as well make it fun!! Also some AP2 shooting. If I manage to kill anything cool with it, it'll be awesome!!!!

I am not really sure how it will pan out, but my trial lists are doing horrible in play testing, maybe its me, Maybe my opponents are playing some of the worst stuff for me (Tzeentch Demons, Plasmacutioners, ....)


  1. Good to see you guys back in action. Still trying to make it work so i can go....

  2. Like I was saying, you can room with me.

    I shower and don't snore that much. Pretty much all you can ask for in a room mate!

  3. How do you have 3 HQ's?

    1. 6th edition allows allied detachments. Orks being my ally, I am allowed 1 HQ for that Codex. Thus, SHOKKATTACK!


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