Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Armies of the BAO 2013

Every year, I like to cruise around and get some pics of all the awesome stuff that people bring out to the Bay Area Open. Here's a look at some of the cool armies from this year.

Note: I will have my opinions of the event and a recap of how it went for me a little later this week I think. It was super exhausting and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the shit that went down. Anyways, on to the pictures!

This is a bad ass converted CSM army on a custom scenery tray. The "stained glass" behind the daemon prince had imperial imagery. It was pretty sweet.

Here's a close up of the prince...
Not too shabby

A nicely done up ravenwing army with Eldar allies. Looks like it might have some anti-air problems though.

This guy had the god damned harbinger in his sisters army! That's way more focus than I have!

This is Israel's ridiculously awesome Tau army. Open this bad boy up and take a look at that suit.... Every fire warrior dreams of pimping it like that guy

And here's what's on top of that giant display board. Oh, is it more awesomely painted stuff? Why yes, it is!

Here are some cool on fire marines

This guy knows how to ride in style

And last but not least, Dave Fay's angry marines and his display board full of jokes.

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