Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chaos Daemons - Flying Circus Take 2!

Hey party people,

I am on the cusp of deciding if I want to go to KingdomCon in San Diego and play in the Broadside bash in a couple of weeks.

Following the dismal performance at the Bay Area Open it has really helped me evaluate the army I am going to take and whos and the whats of my short comings in that particular event.

What did I lose to?

Flamers / Screamers Demons - Check Ill never lose to that again.
Zombie swarm -  I have a solution for that.
Tyranids - I got a solution for that too!!!!

Here comes the 2nd version of the Daemon flying circus, equipped with:

Answers to all my god damn problems.

Bitches are definitely not my problem in 40k
List and ideas after the break!

So Kingdom Con is 2000 points single force org with Forgeworld allowed.  Forgeworld sort of bones my whole idea, of FMC, but whatever....

Here is the list

Chaos Daemons - Primary

Bloodthirster with 2 Greater rewards.

Lord of Change with 1 Greater Reward amd 1 exalted. I will take the portal as my exalted. (Mo, troops!!)
first power will come from divination to get Rerolls, then Biomancy for buffs

10 man unit of Plaguebeaers for home base babysitting
10 man unit of Bloodletters for Quadgunning (BS5!!)

2 Daemon Princes of Tzeentch
Both with wings and 3+ armor
Both will have level 1 mastery and 2 greater rewards, maybe ill be able to make some spawn.

ADL - Quad Gun

Allies: Chaos Space Marines

Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Level 2 with power from Nurgle and 1 from Bio
3+, Wings, The Black Mace! (answer to swarm problems, with t6, and i8 I should be able to handle hordes)

12 cultists with a flamer and a shotgun, because points allow for this.

1 Heldrake, because I would be an idiot to not play at least 1, I am considering going the other way to play 2 heldrakes instead of 2 Daemon Princes, but we'll see.  I could then take 2 Chaos Space Marine Daemon Princes, but I think the Chaos Daemon ones are better? Rewards are cool!!! RANDOM FOR THE RANDOM GOD!!!

I think it's solid, especially if I can go first.

The missions for the Broadside Bash are pretty wacky, so I am not even convinced that this is that great of an army for this particular event, but I am ain't afraid... I do whatever I want.

So any readers going? What are you taking? Should we eat at Bennigan's or Luche Libre!?!?!?


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  2. Ignore the last post, I needed to fix something.

    I am testing something pretty similar, just with a big more ground presence to help handle MSU instead of two DP.

    Herald of Slaanesh (Greater Reward/Exalted Loci)
    Herald of Khorne (Exalted Reward/Juggernaut)
    Herald of Khorne (Juggernaut)
    Herald of Khorne (Juggernaut)
    Daemon Prince (Nurgle/Armor/Wings/Lvl 3/2 Greater Rewards)
    10 Plaguebearers
    10 Plaguebearers
    20 Seekers
    13 Furies

    Daemon Prince (Tzeentch/Armor/Wings/Lvl 3/Black Mace)
    10 Cultists

    The khorne heralds run with the furies, creating a unit that compared to others is lower threat priority, but if ignored is bad news, especially because once I hit their lines it can split up and go for different targets, acting as part of my answer to MEQ. Their exalted reward is typically the grimoire, which is given to whoever needs it most, but can be the protal if I feel I will need it (against dragons in a non-KP game for example). The slaanesh herald runs with the seekers, and due to her loci hunts down warlords and important characters (like like librarians in blob squads).

    The nurgle prince will drop one gift for the balesword in games against multiwound models, as instant death from a deamon prince is fun. He also loads up on biomancy and hopes for the best. The 3+ on a jink thanks to shrouding is great too. The tzeentch prince aims to get lodged in a blob and work his black mace magic. His two non-tzeentch powers will also be biomancy. Heldrake does as heldrake pleases.

    I hope to test it on the table and my blog tomorrow night.

    1. I feel like you might have a bit of trouble with cron air with CSM allies with that list. They will have a lot of shots to ground you and if they are good, can keep away from your DP's which are your only anti-air. I would try to put in an adl perhaps, but your results may vary. One adl isn't enough to stop a dedicated flyer army, but it may force them to move differently which will give you more opportunity to get your DPs into threat range.

    2. You put a steed on the Herald right?

      I was thinking that Masque with like 20+ Daemonettes is pretty strong. The dances are out of control vs. some armies. Locking down Paladins/HarlieStars/SeerCouncil/IG Blob seems solid. Getting it in front of a blob might be an issues, but no overwatch dance + hit and run means it can pretty much rend 50 dudes out pretty fast. A lot to wrap my brain around though, I like your idea.

  3. Soldado, you're going all in on big monsters and hardly any troops in a tournament with basically no kill point missions. Seems legit?

  4. Maybe, I am highly speculative of my list currently.

  5. I haven't checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I'll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend


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