Friday, March 8, 2013

Dok's BAO

Hello everyone, as you may or may not know last week was the Bay Area Open in Antioch, CA. This is the big tournament for us around here as it's run by cool people that we know and is generally pretty straightforward in it's missions and rules of play. (Also, it doesn't hurt that I've done pretty well in the past)

This year? Spoiler alert!

Not so much. (89th place is just the 88th loser)
I know wat duck... I know...

I wanted to take some time and talk about what was different this year and how that might have affected people's performance. One thing you may notice when looking at the top of the stack is that there aren't any familiar faces from the years prior. The faces were at the event... they just all looked sad and not in the top spots.

Forgeworld - One of the biggest and obviousest changes in this event was the allowance of forgeworld models. There was quite a hub-bub about this before the tournament and how everyone was going to be crushed under the boot of Land Raiders that couldn't be melta'd and Caestus Assault rams that were going to do bad things to your butt hole!!! In practice, I was not killed by either of these things and didn't see either on any of the tables. I was crushed under the boots of mortis contemptor dreads, but that's a story for later.  I did play against a couple of Forgeworld units and neither of them were ridiculous to deal with. The aforementioned Contemptors and a unit of 3 missile emplacements that were twin-linked (sabreclaw?).  There were a plethora of sabre defense platforms and a couple other cool additions, but all-in-all, I didn't see too much in the way of forgeworld. 

What I did see was a lot of...

Flyers - Particularly Helldrakes and Vendettas. Even a couple Dakkajets. There was a distinct absence of cron air, but it was still a represented army. It seemed like every other table had at least one helldrake on it. Obviously, no one won with helldrakes, but they are still a very scary threat to anyone in power armor. I only had to play against them once and shot all three (Yes, three) down by turn 5 so they are obviously not invincible. But I think the table length (hammer and anvil) and his objectives (my heavy support) made them somewhat ineffective in that match, so I would hate to see what they would do to me in a regular game. The weird thing here is that I didn't really see any Forgeworld flyers. Either they must be too cost prohibitive or not very good.

Daemons - Daemons took first! And they were piloted by a woman! Boom! Pow! Loud noises!!!
I had never played against the cheesyness of the tzeentch daemons before the BAO, so of course I had to play them in the first round. I quickly discovered how much of a pain in the ass they are. There is no profitable way to deal with flamers. They come down, melt a squad, and you can get some shots on them. But they will still have 4++ and two wounds, so you have to do 32-40 wounds (generally speaking) to shut them down.

That was definitely a frustrating game for me as I had no counter and not much hope of actually beating the guy. That's partially my fault as daemons were expected to be in force (and they were) but the DA codex doesn't present much in the way of daemon defense. I had considered taking GK allies for coteaz and a strike squad, but I felt it diluted the list a bit too much.

The event - A lot has been said about the event already in the Dakka thread. Reece and crew have been thrown under the bus enough imo and I don't have anything constructive to add, that I haven't already said.
To be fair, this is not typical for this event. There were too many people for frontline to handle, period. Will I go again next year? Maybe, but this years event will have no effect on that decision.

The hotel - This has nothing to do with the event itself, but the hotels are a part of the experience and ours was ass, so I figured I would talk about it.  Our room smelled like paint the whole weekend. We should've changed rooms when we walked in, but we didn't and I regret that. There was also shady dealings going on in the rooms around us. I guess they might have been "legalized" dealings, but no Doctor I know sells prescriptions out of a hotel room. On saturday night, after a long, hard day of somehow going 3-1 all I wanted to do was poo. That was denied me by the toilet somehow becoming mysteriously flooded. So I went and pooped up Soldado's room and left the door open so that he could taste my glory. In your face! Hahaha.
This was the ramada down the street from the fairgrounds btw. In later talking with other people there aren't any really good places to stay around there. I'm from the ghetto and have slept on the streets, so I don't give too much of a fuck. But I am fatter and older now so I have some expectation when I spend money on a place.  Also, Levi said they stayed in a suite on the other side of the fairgrounds for slightly more than we paid to stay in this shithole... Bastard!

My performance - Last but least, how did I do? Poorly.  I went 3-3 on the tournament and dropped the last game so we could get a head start on our 6 hour drive. I was 3-1 on day one having only lost to Daemons in the first round and felt pretty good going into sunday (well, I felt like I got beat in the back and legs, but I felt good about my list). Until I noticed that I was paired with David Key. I have only played him once before in kingdom con last year and it was a miserable game. He is a gentleman and a scholar I would imagine, but my dice refuse to fight against him. They just don't want to play. I also made some deployment mistakes and he took advantage of them, so there's that. But I ended up scooping at the bottom of 3 I think. That's a first for me in a GT, but I had no way to come back at that point.
I then played against the aforementioned 3 helldrake chaos list. This game started off very well and continued that way up until about turn 4. I had most of his helldrakes down and the last one was stunned in the corner well within range of my anti-air. I moved up to grab the relic and just kept getting shot out. He had about 20 models on the table at this point and I couldn't get the damn relic in hand. I then played very stupidly on turn 6 assuming it would be the last turn since they had called 5 minutes and didn't advance to grab the relic again if needed and moved my last heavy support model into los so that his dudes could shoot at him. Two failed saves later and I lost the game. It was very frustrating for a game that was really going my way for most of it and I wasn't happy to lose it to me being stupid.
Soldado and Casey had also lost that round so we packed it up and gtfo.

All in all it was fun, tiring, and a bit disappointing. The disappointing part is kinda silly though as I didn't really practice and my list was made two days before the event. I made mistakes that would have been obvious to me if I had spent time with the army and that is disappointing. I pretty much got what I deserved here and was lucky to eke out some wins. Will I go next year? Who knows? I am looking at putting bikes together, but at the same time I don't have much time or desire to war the hammers anymore.

Did any of you guys go? How'd you do? Why didn't you say hi? Bastards!!! jk, ilu!


  1. What did you end up running? Dark Angels?

    1. Dark angels indeed. I posted my list the day before the BAO.

  2. Hey I said "Hi" Damnit, but I truthfully didnt have the greatest time either. Still I hope you continue playing if only because I enjoy reading your blog

    1. Haha, thanks man. I don't think I'm going to stop playing because of this tournament. If losing got me down, I wouldn't play anything! I will most likely slowly amass some bikes so I can play Ravenwing. But Probably only if local tournaments allow forgeworld. It's so much easier to defend against crazy flyers with that stuff!

  3. We will continue to press on.

    I am looking for a "NEW" army to do a WIP section here on the blog.

    I am also going to bolster my lines for my Chaos Space Marines.

    I am pretty confident that codex creep is actually going backwards, so as time presses on and new codex's come out the Chaos Space Marine book will become more powerful.

    Dark Angels already seem like they are more geared around a specialized Space Marine book, rather than a Space Marine super book. (More like C:SM and less like C:GK) and that is a good sign, Daemons seem pretty well nerfed and drug back in line with the rest of the 6th ed books.

    Time will tell!

    1. It seems like they want everyone to play horde armies tbh. Dropping the prices on troops was really necessary from an overall standpoint, but they made it so that you can only take troops which is kind of weird to me. I guess not as much to you since that's pretty much what you played in your Ork army.

  4. "That was denied me by the toilet somehow becoming mysteriously flooded." - not so much a flood, more of an over-sized log that couldn't make it pass the goose-neck. ... Just thought I'd clarify that.

  5. Seems odd that such a skinny dude took such a large turd!, 40k and poop talk all damn day!

    1. Somehow the number "40k" really is just a reference to age 13. I'm glad I could contribute to 3forInt's quality.

    2. Quality is what we're all about! And poop!


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