Thursday, March 7, 2013

Remember when I told you all I was awesome?

Well Awesomeness confirmed!!!!

Reece over at Frontline Gaming gave called me out as one of the "Really Good Players" that lost to Liz as she won the whole damn thing on their podcast. It is awesome to be mentioned a long with Allan, and Allan (Blackmoor)

Here is a shameless plug for my awesomeness!!

I also took a few pics of peoples armies while we are there so if that's the type of thing you are interested, you should probably click into to the main article.

So here are a few shots I snapped with my trusty iPhone (Which explains the quality of the pics :(  )

This dude won best painted... yeah... its awesome.

A lot of really cool looking armies. I suck at going around and lining up good shots, but some of them came out pretty good.

Anyways... the Tournament was a blast. I did poorly @ 3-3 and drop, but a lot of good games. I did lose to Liz who won the whole thing. Ego aside, it was a good game and losing to a "girl" didn't hurt that bad...

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