Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kate Upton says, buy my stuff!

The time has come to put away childish things in favor of other childish things that are more fun to me at the moment. So I am looking to get rid of some of my 40k armies. Grey Knights is first on the chopping block.

Here's a list of the Grey Knight items for sale
13 Halberd/Storm bolter Marines (1 unpainted)
7 Psycannon Marines
2 Hammer/Storm bolter Marines (1 unpainted)
1 Warding Staff/Storm bolter Marine
2 Incinerator Marines
4 Sword/Storm Bolter Marines
1 Vindicaire Assassin
1 Inquisitor w/book&bolter
1 Castellean Crowe
1 Inquisitor Coteaz
2 Brother Captain Stern (1 unpainted)
1 Terminator w/psycannon, Sword (Used as grand master)
1 Terminator w/incinerator, Sword (used as cheaper Grand master)
3 Heavy Bolter Razorbacks
2 Dreadknights w/removable heavy incinerator, sword, and hand
2 Dreadnoughts w/2xautocannon. 1 has the forgworld Grey knight torso and all the arms are from forgeworld
1 Land Raider (godhammer, unpainted) w/Grey Knight doors from forgeworld
2 Storm ravens w/multi-melta, assault cannon
12 assorted henchmen to use as fodder
They are painted to a good tabletop standard that is supposed to look like they are made of stone and copper. Somewhat steampunk, somewhat ancient stone warrior. Some are based on "lost souls" bases from Mr. Dandy.  You may notice some chipping on the bases in the pictures. They can easily be retouched, but the bases do not hold paint all that well.

I don't want to bog down the main page, so pics after the jump and this gif of Kate Upton!


I'm looking for offers right now, as I haven't had the time to put this stuff on the Ebay, so if you want to shoot me a reasonable offer, hit me up at 3forint.dok@gmail.com.

The case and current codex are included.

The whole shebang

squad 1, old school razorback

squad 2

squad 3

Grand master, one of my favorite pieces

Crowe, Inquisitor

Dreadknight 1

Dreadknight 2


Forgeworld top

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