About the Authors

Dok - Hello, my name is Josh and I'm a gamer nerd.... (All - "hiiii Josh")
I have been playing games (Video, board, card, and table top) of all sorts since I was a little kid. I broke into competitive gaming in the early 90's with Magic: The Gathering.  I made it to the pro tour in my late teens but I kind of lost the taste for the game after that (Booo Mirage block). From there I played in many systems competitively and amongst friends.  I stopped playing everything for a while during the early 2000's as I was enlisted in the USArmy and didn't have time for this shit (Or so my Sgts told me).

After I came back, I got right back into gaming again. I Placed well in a bunch of PTQ qualifiers but never really went beyond that level. My friends stopped playing Magic so I kind of lost interest in it and became more interested in 40k. I have been playing 40k at a competitive level for the last couple years and have done pretty well for myself. Placing well in most of the RTTs and placing in the top tables of bigger events.

Games I play currently:
Warhammer 40k - Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Necrons, Eldar

Warmachine/Hordes - Legion of Everblight incoming!
Malifaux - Pandora Neverborn

Games I played competitively in the past:
Legend of the five rings


My name is Brian, and I like games. I am a fisherman and I love boobs!! FACT!

I play very few games currently, as the free time section of my life has all but disappeared. We are currently on a massive 40k bender for about 4 years now, but I have been playing since the mid 90's.
I currently have:
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Demons
Imperial Guard.

In spite of myself, I have been pretty successful on the tournament circuit lately and with my Orks, but hopefully with 6th Edition on the "horizon" my Chaos can again rise to glory!

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