Battle Reports

By popular demand, this is a central location for all of the battle/tournament reports that we here at 3 for int have played or competed in.

Game Empire 2k Game 1 GK vs Nids - In which I break in the new guy :)
Game Empire 2k Game 2 GK vs IG - In which I go second against guard gunline. Results, unpredictable!
Game Empire 2k Game 3 GK vs Eldar - In which Eldrad proves he always lives to fight again

Game Empire 1850 RTT Blood Angels Vs. Celestial Lions - I bring the BA out of retirement and beat some face!

10th place BAO '12 recap - Only slightly worse than last year, only slightly...

BAO '12 Team event - Soldado and I take on the world!

The Realm RTT Game 1 GK vs BA - In which the dice hate my life
The Realm RTT Game 2 GK vs IG - In which I lol@Soldado's luck
The Realm RTT Game 3 GK vs Orks - 6th edition style mission madness!

2v2 BAO practice - an epic battle of wills that came to a surprising finish

Deathwing vs CSM - Battle of the old and busted codexes!

Dok vs Game Empire - I try to bust off some ring rust and come in with a fairly disappointing result

Dok vs The BAO 1 - A very good showing for me at the first BAO. I'm eagerly anticipating the next one!

GK vs Orks RTT - In which I battle Grimgob!

GK vs BA RTT - A crafty game where I had to dodge many missiles and roll snake eyes for 2+ saves

GK vs Orks - A practice game for the first BAO. We both had wacky lists.
GK vs Orks 2 - A rematch of the first game! With even wackier lists!
GK vs Orks 3 -  In which Soldado never had me, he never even had his wagons!

400 point Eldar madness!!! - Madness I say, MADDNESSSS!!!!!

450 point mini-RTT - I risked it all! And got smashed by lootas!

500 point mini-RTT - Grey Knights are OP @500 points!
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